General DCMA question

This is just a general question and legalities behind it,

Hypothetically if I had a client who contributed work (like models) to my game (which about 2 other people have access to since it’s a group game with developers). And gave it to me via rbxm file, and then later on after the game was released, asked to remove it, am I required to remove it, or is he able to file a successful DCMA on me? Morally it’ll probably be right to remove it but legally I don’t believe I’m entitled to because it’s not a leaked or stolen asset?

He gave you his permission to use the models, he gave you the models.
Its his own problem now and I don’t think he can do anything about it.


Yes you are required to remove it or else he is legally allowed to send a DMCA. Just because he said in text or over voice that you can use it, doesn’t give you the proper right to use his Intellectual Property.

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If you have proof that you hire him via talent hub, just message roblox support about that