General Development Support Category

Right now, the #development-support category is broken up into 3 segments: programming, building, and design. However, there are other development issues and problems that arise frequently that can’t fit into these categories (marketing, accounting, etc). This leads new users to post in the incorrect category, since they don’t have any alternative.

To amend this, I would recommend either of the following:

  1. Allow users to post in #development-support instead of just its subcategories
  2. Create a new subcategory called #general-support.

These users deserve to be able to ask any questions they have and get the help they need.


There’s the fear of unorganized posts, but that’s a problem that can be fixed by moving threads. I like this idea.

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Users used to be able to post in #development-support without subcategories. Many users had it in that instead of scripting, building or design when they were supposed to, so it was eventually decided to not let users post there.

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I think this post is suggesting a new category specifically for other types of development support.

Anyway, I don’t think a whole new category for development support makes sense. As I see it, the examples you gave could easily go under design support. If there’s any specific categories (such as marketing) that end up having a lot of people asking about it, then I think it warrants its own subcategory. As of right now, from what I’ve seen, most help requests involve scripting, and then building next. Anything that doesn’t fit those two would go in design support.

Design support is for art-related questions pertaining to graphics design, 3D modeling, audio development, etc – not game design.

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I shouldn’t have assumed it covered all types of ‘design.’ But in this case, it still seems weird to make a whole new category for other types of support when we already have the development support category. Anything missing could just be added as a subcategory.

This is not a category for other types of development support. It’s for open-ended discussion, rather than just Q&A

I’m talking about what the op is suggesting, not what was in the linked thread. Everything under the line in my post was direct at @ChipioIndustries. Sorry if I caused any confusion.

Maybe it should be more explicit then. This is the first time I’m hearing this.


Bagh, design support still sounds like it should include game design, especially considering there’s currently no alternative.