Generating terrain by a script


I want to make a game with terrain generation. There is a function in Roblox studio to generate terrain. Is there a way to fire that function from a script inside of the game? Or how are you able to replicate the way that the generation was made? With the biomes , height , water and caves.
Roblox studio also has a seed function. I want it to randomise that too. (I know you can do that with math.random(x,y) )

Making your own generation with all of these functions is kind of hard. That’s why I am asking if there is a way to use the function that is inside the terrain editor via a script inside a game you are playing.


Look into Terrain Editor | Roblox Creator Documentation

I was asking if it’s possible to use the in-built function from the terrain editor.

What do you mean, I cant understand? The article that i linked u to is the only way to make terrain via scripting.

In the terrain editor you have the option to generate terrain with settings. I wanted to know if you could also generate terrain like this but by a script instead of inside the terrain editor window

If you are talking about generating terrain while the game is running then use the article I provided. Otherwise if you are talking about generating terrain while you are editing, you could use the same article but in the command bar instead.