Generic prison gaem, what we can expect on version 1.2

Generic Prison Gaem v1.2, what we can expect

Roblox please don’t take this down

1. New Biome

In this image we can onviously see there is gonna be a new jungle biome.

New NPC(s)

On the same image we can see little people on the jungle town.
The reason i am telling they are NPCs is because they have green bars over their head, and we also know that things like NPCs and places that have green bars over them look full in studio like this:

So i can 90% garantee new NPCs, but i can’t garantee they’ll have use, because pablito also asked people for Quotes for NPCs to say in the game so that might be it.

3. New robbery

Pablito has been talking about a new robbery for a while and it’s probably going to come in this update. I strongly think it’s going to be a Temple robbery of some way, here’s proof.

First there is this image of a new temple in the jungle, how can i say it’s in the jungle? Because of this thing on the corner:

It’s the same symbol that appears over the huts in the jungle town:

It is probably a robbery because there had more sneak peeks of it, having a creeper which could be an enemy to defend the treasure, just like the monkeys in the casino:

The walls on both images are also the same color, difference is that one has red lighting.

So to sum it all up

  1. New biome (jungle)
  2. New structures (jungle town)
  3. New NPCs (jungle idiots)
  4. A new important structure, probably a new robbery
  5. New enemies (creepers)

What i THINK will come

  1. New team / role (Not citizen role, confirmed not added)
  2. New warden places or functionalities.

That’s all for now nerds. I’d do more but i’m not like pablito and vinterno that has nothing else to do