Generic roleplay gaem update log

play generic roleplay gaem


  • Barbarian Backup: BusKart! Scoop up NPC Barbarians for raid support and protection - perfect for solo players!
  • Added BusKart store in barbarian village for convenience
  • Spawning by a friend now gives you a 10 sec forcefield
  • Best Hammer nerfed 33%
  • Good Hammer buffed 20%
  • Gate HP Upgrade nerfed 25%
  • BusKart network physics fix
  • Tweaked Tree Lord spawnrate
  • Barb AI tweaks + increased AI spawn limit
  • Shop UI fixes


  • Daily rewards have been buffed by up to 2x! Group reward bonus is now 2x instead of 1.5x! Earn up to $500 by day 28+, with $1000 if you’re in the group, and $1500 if you have roblox premium!
  • Server’s host location is now more accurate and shows for the current server (to the right of where the game version is shown)
  • Fixed friend icon bug that didn’t show the friend icon on your friend sometimes after you respawn
  • Maximum prompt distance for driving buskart lowered
  • Fixed spectate bug


  • New Shop UI! The old meme shop UI blocking the left side of your screen has been moved to a clean shop button on the top bar. The new shop still retains the charming, minimal-effort look while being much more accessible, especially to mobile players or players with smaller screens!
  • Upgraded daily rewards! Earn more when you play consecutive days, up to 28 days! Earn up to $300 by day 28, plus 2x bonus if you have roblox premium and 50% bonus if you’re a group member!
  • 2x more money when you purchase with robux! (new: R$9 = 200, old: R&9 = 100)


  • Following a friend in makes you spectate that friend, in addition to the choice of spawning in as civilian or peasant for free next to the friend.
  • You can now challenge your friends to fight you in the arena! Inviting a friend using the sign next to the arena queue will let them spawn right next to you when they join.
  • New floating UI showing money made + how much is taken in taxes!
  • Moved several UI components to topbar (using topbarplus by 1ForeverHD)
  • Moved spectate button to topbar
  • Moved rent due/ leave house button to topbar
  • All roles can now buy fishing net and axe from peasant village
  • Widened karl’s kart race track
  • Punching trees now gives you the full reward ($5 instead of $1 for normal trees)
  • Money rain lag optimization
  • Removed buggy sounds from karls’ kart models
  • Anchored some parts in jail (lol)
  • Max wage scales with # players (100+numPlayers)
  • Server portals more likely to show higher wage towns
  • Removed gift trees and fake gifts
  • Spring trees
  • jesters spawn moved into bart’s
  • Purge button moved to the back of town
  • Additional law board added to lobby
  • Peasant tools are 2x more durable
  • Lighting updates optimized


  • Town remodel
  • Map part count reduced by 25% (will help greatly with lag)
  • New doctor’s tent with hospital beds
  • Barb AI hotfix
  • Barb bowman AI accuracy nerfed


  • Upgraded Barbarian AI logic
  • Barb AI slowly follows player barbs forward during peacetime.
  • Barb AI patrols the area in a more natural manner.
  • Barb AI now gains experience when successfully attacking players.
  • Leader’s crown UI only shows when approval is 0%
  • Roads updated for simpler movement / easier AI pathfinding
  • Peasant village and spawn updated for better first-time experience
  • Trees spawn in more areas
  • Minor UI changes


  • Added “Gift” trees: Chop them with an axe to get anywhere from $25-$200!
  • Fake “Gift” tool for Jesters: Spawn fake gifts to trip up others from some money!
  • Changed tree colors to winter theme
  • Tree spawning improvements
  • All kart brakes upgraded (helps on hills)
  • Fishing net store worker seat entrance expanded
  • Leader has crown icon visible at all times
  • Fixed an error that occasionally spawned players without their name UI
  • Karts spawn distance requirement from gate increased
  • Criminals can no longer spawn karts
  • Various server network improvements


  • Rice can now be blown up by rockets and bombs
  • Trees can now be blown up by bombs (rockets already blow up trees)
  • Day does not progress in servers with less than 5 players (private servers still progress, but reign does not save)
  • Added VC servers (VC-enabled players will see VC server portal in lobby)
  • Removed bus stop by town gate


  • Added friend icon to help locate your friends in the server
  • Criminals can fight in the arena to leave jail
  • Queued players have temporary forcefield
  • Criminals now have remaining jail time show under their character
  • Added option to bail from jail. Max cost $1000, price goes down as you serve your jail sentence.
  • New law: Criminals can post bail. If true, max bail is set at $1000; the leader receives 50% of the bail. If false, bail outlawed.
  • Added fix GUI to all objects that can be fixed by hammer. Shows only when fixing is needed and player has hammer
  • Jail time increased to 5 minutes
  • Simplified arena queue entrance
  • Arena minor visual changes
  • Arena queue scrolling bug fixed
  • auto-sprint for mobile
  • sprint now toggles instead of holding (stops when player stops moving). you can still spam sprint for sound/animation effect while standing still
  • Increase ceiling height in houses
  • Level 2/3 Houses have 2 extra tree plots on first floor porch
  • Popcorn and peanut gives +15 food (previously +10)
  • Buskart physics glitch fix
  • Minor server optimizations
  • Added server hints and playerjoined messages back
  • Text chat size slightly increased
  • Saying multiple sign names will give player all signs at once (previously only one sign given at a time)


  • Chat updated to new Roblox chat system
  • Leader can now shout messages using prefix "/s " (try “/s hello world”)
  • VIP players have new unique chat color (light yellow)
  • “Riot” and “Praise” in chat now shows as red and green
  • BusKart seats changed to proximity prompt
  • BusKart physics glitches fixed
  • Arena admission removed (spectating arena is free)
  • Added arena scoreboard in front of arena
  • Collecting rent now tells renter who collected their rent (“AZNDIBS TOOK YOUR RENT: -$1”)


  • Lobby revamp!
  • Arena pot greatly increased, now changes based off # of players in server
  • Spawn proximity prompts trigger distance increased
  • Wage set to $0 and food price set to $10 when approval is 0
  • Widened username frame in Spectate UI to see longer usernames more clearly
  • Leader stat UI improved to show name of leader, day, and leader’s current money
  • Upgrading to higher level stores now require approval. Incentive for town to raise approval
  • Doctor bandage tool shows players who need healing
  • Added new theme song for tavern
  • Right side UI can be collapsed
  • Server portals now use proximity prompts to prevent accidental teleports
  • Server portals and daily rewards moved to lobby
  • Peasant spawn area change


  • Bug fix


  • Fixed incorrect days stat at portals


  • Ally’s bar remodel
  • Fix bloxycola eating bug
  • Reduce lag
  • Removed law, “Stores reset when leader dies”
  • Fixed jail bug
  • Fixed doctors unable to heal forcefield players


  • Introducing: Arena! Come fight other players for glory and money! Or just come to spectate the gladiators in action! Tickets to enter are $5, all proceeds go to the winner’s money pot.
  • Introducing: Ally’s! A new hangout spot under the arena to relax, socialize, or commit terrible crimes. Remember, Ally’s outside of the town borders, so anything goes!
  • Introducing: Peasant village! Peasants now spawn into a more welcoming environment, with access to public services like beds and basic tools. Note: These tools are much more fragile than tools bought from the town, and they will disintegrate after a number of uses.
  • New law: Peasant admission is free. When enacted, peasant admission is free (same as current implementation). When rejected, peasant admission now costs $10, and is paid to the admission worker. (replaces old law: Peasants allowed in town)
  • New special tree zones have been added across the map that grow fruit trees and money trees more often
  • New icons for majority of tools, with more possibly to come in the future!
  • Revamped roads and bridges to be more accommodating to kart and foot traffic
  • New tree and bush models
  • New ponds and fishing areas added
  • Popcorn and peanut stands in arena. Gives +10 hunger for $10. Proceeds go to arena’s money pot.
  • Ramen stand at Ally’s. Gives +25 hunger for $50
  • Buskart drivers now earn money when a passenger hops off before a bus stop. Only applies if you have driven far enough from the original stop.
  • Bloxycola now gives +5 hunger when finished
  • Fruit trees no longer contribute to town’s food supply
  • House plots have a higher chance of growing fruit trees (normal tree chance reduced, money tree chance is still the same)
  • 2nd floor plots on houses now grow full sized trees
  • AI Barbarians level up faster, but do much less damage, therefore it is much easier to defend against them and more profitable to kill them at higher levels. There is now a barbarian level cap at 100, reached at day 20+
  • Barbarian and Treelord AI fix
  • Treelord sword visual glitch fix
  • BusKart bug fix
  • Role prices have been changed to reflect their usage / recent roblox policy change
  • Jester: $400 → $150
  • Guard: $400 → $500
  • Landlord: $500 → $600
  • Janitor: $150 → $100
  • Doctor: $250 → $200
  • Council: $2000 → $1500
  • Civilian: $50 → $25


  • Fixed house visual glitch (may also improve server performance)


  • Leader approval now resets tax rate to 0%.
  • Leader approval of 0% now has a longer debounce to prevent flip-flopping between 0% and 1% repeatedly.
  • Decreased nametag size when close-up
  • Fixed bug that didn’t increase hunger when eating food and unequipping it at the same time
  • Secret entrance obby to council house is now a bit easier
  • Jail escape obby is now a bit easier
  • Jail back gate HP decreased by 2x
  • Added periodic server hints in chat
  • Improvements to player loading
  • Improvements to data saving
  • Lvl 3 house HP decreased from 2000 to 1500
  • Fixed admission bug that allowed barbarians into town
  • Fixed bug that allowed guard sword to damage town gate and jail gate
  • Improved hitboxes for stores
  • Improved punch hit detection on buildings
  • Rocket can now hit the gate properly
  • Fixed visual glitches across the map
  • Fixed bomb/bow glitch exploit


  • Minor bug fixes


  • New town map! Includes update to all stores, jail, new guard and janitor bases, a tavern, a dock, revamped secret town entrance, and more!
  • All stores have been redesigned!
  • Bring your food to-go! Buying food at the food store gives you a food tool that you can save for later. Limit to 1 in backpack.
  • Escape the new jail! There’s a secret escape on the second floor of the jail…
  • Grab a bloxycola at the tavern! You can chill with your friends and take a break from the chaos of the town!
  • Go fishing at the dock! Never starve on the way to the beach again!
  • Secret entrance to town revamped! Enjoy multiple ways to enter the town with varying difficulties!
  • Major code refactor (will make future updates to content/features potentially much quicker and easier to debug)
  • Stores can now be destroyed! Leaders will have to re-purchase destroyed stores.
  • Stores can now persist between reigns (no more store resets when leader dies)
  • Guards get $10 bonus when arresting or killing someone with guard sword when near leader
  • Doctors now get paid $2 per heal (up from $1) and bonus $2 when healing leader
  • New law: Stores reset when leader dies. Rejecting this law is the same as the old store system, aka stores reset.
  • Using weapons will now only make you wanted if you attack fellow non-barbarians or destroy buildings!
  • Improved RaceKart tire modelling physics
  • Healthcare prices increased. heal = $5, limbs = $25, wheelchair = $50 . paid out to doctor (after tax)
  • Opening/upgrading doctor office price increased. LVL1: Free (unchanged), LVL2: $50, LVL3: $100
  • Doctor’s bandage tool leader bonus decreased to $2 per heal
  • Added tweening animations to some UI
  • Musket damage buffed to 35 (from 20)
  • Longer jailtime law removed.
  • Guard swords can now damage wanted players
  • Wanted UI for guards now show even without handcuffs equipped
  • Fixed bug where hammers wouldn’t pay if the last use fixed something to MaxHealth (fixing something from 99 to 100 with MaxHealth of 100 would not pay up)
  • Fixed bug that put ex-leaders back to the bottom of leader queue when they die
  • Fixed bug that allowed AI Barbarians to damage each other with swords
  • Fishing net food reward nerfed by ~0.5x across all types of fish


  • Minor server optimizations


  • Another attempt to fix server crashing bug


  • Fixed spawning issue preventing players from leaving lobby


  • Lowered number of AI barbarians, difficulty rate slightly increased (based on number of days survived by leader)
  • Barbarian gamepass price reduced from R$49 to R$29
  • In-game cost to be barbarian reduced from $100 to $50
  • Raised max % of player barbarians from 33% to 40% of server
  • Improved NPC Pathfinding
  • Fixed gui bug that occasionally didn’t update money/time stats until resetting your character again
  • Fixed memory leaks that may cause older servers to crash
  • Fixed bug that prevents you from respawning correctly (no respawn gui)
  • Wage now changes by increments of $2
  • Fixed longest reign statue visual glitches
  • Updated tree colors to fall theme
  • New anti-exploit
  • Fixed GUI scrolling issue for some boards in lobby
  • Fixed ragdoll despawning for better efficiency
  • Removed ear ringing sound from firearms


  • Minor UI changes


  • Interpolation Throttling enabled (can help improve performance on slower devices)
  • Roblox Premium members now get 2x daily rewards!
  • Flood duration decreased from 3 minutes to 2 minutes
  • Fix jail teleport bug
  • Player barbarian steal food tool patch
  • Gate upgrade cost increased (Lower levels will stay close to the same, but higher levels will begin to cost more)
  • Added “BUS” indicator on top of BusKarts for better visibility to potential passengers
  • Dropping off passenger on BusKart now pays $20 (previously $10)


  • Tree Lord’s health increased 4x
  • Fix Barbarian pathfinding issues, improve Barbarian AI


  • Fix possible cause for random disconnects/server crashes
  • New wage max value $100, previously $50
  • Leader can change wage, food price, and tax every 1 second instead of 5
  • Notification/event UI reworked
  • Daily rewards now given every 12 hours instead of 24!
  • Server portal score calculations reworked


  • Fixed movement bug on PC that inadvertently cancelled sprinting when you stopped moving.
  • Fixed dev product purchasing bug.
  • Peasants’ praise or riot signs now affect the leader’s approval rating.


  • NEW: RACEKART! Have money to spare? Zoom around town in RACEKART! Priced at $420. No real benefits, just clout.
  • Peasants can now pass through the gate when the law “Peasants are allowed in town” is active (Previously, the law only prevented peasants from being arrested but didn’t allow them to pass the gate)
  • Server player limit increased from 64 to 80.
  • Number of reserved player slots increased from 8 to 30. That means REALISTICALLY, an average server size will DECREASE from 56 to 50. Servers now have the POTENTIAL to max out at 80.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes would break role spawns. Should also make the game run a lot smoother
  • Added proximity prompts to most buttons. Should prevent accidental purchases, especially for the leader.
  • ShiftLock on XBox is now bound to DPad UP. Button X is now reserved for proximity prompts.
  • Council UI now shows the current minimum number of votes needed to pass or reject a law.
  • Council UI now shows previous vote’s number of Yes and No votes after council has been adjourned.
  • Janitors can enter the council area.
  • You can now add extra Yes or No votes with developer products.
  • “NO PEASANTS ALLOWED IN TOWN” sign at gate now changes to reflect the current Peasant law. Sign is moved to above the gate for better visibility.
  • Peasant intro cutscene disabled if your time is over 60.
  • Tweaked controller sprinting mechanic: pressing L3 now triggers sprinting until you stop moving. You no longer need to hold L3 to sprint.
  • Punching can now chop trees. You only receive 1/5 of the reward compared to an axe.
  • Hunger penalty when swimming decreased by 5x


  • fixed bug that broke jumping after swimming
  • changed swimming a little bit; holding jump will move you up now and the jump cooldown in the water is much shorter. should make swimming feel more natural


  • Added shift lock to mobile/console (credit to funwolf7) Press X on console to toggle.
  • Console crouch keybind changed to Y (previously R3). This lets console players zoom in and out now (sorry, I don’t have a console so I had no idea that was the default zoom keybind!)
  • Added time left till pay indicator when working at a store
  • Fixed bug that prevented you from swimming up
  • Added a bit of light for the jail
  • Minor optimization fixes
  • Admitting a peasant into town now pays $1


  • fixed bug where bandage pay says $1 but only pays $0.5
  • fixed bug that could occasionally break shark AI
  • fixed notification bug when fixing jail gate
  • bombing jail gate now pays as well


  • Swimming! You can now swim in the water. You must occasionally surface to refill your air bar. Be careful! Your hunger decreases faster when you swim.
  • Fish: There are now different kinds of fish swimming all around the map.
  • Fishing net: Use the fishing net to catch fish for food and money!
  • Fishing pole has been removed due to a new system for fishing.
  • Sharks: Sharks will occasionally appear when you swim. You can also use your fishing net on them but they have much more HP than fish.
  • Jail revamp! The jail has been expanded in size and revamped. There is now a Jail Gate that functions similarly to the gate to the town. Criminals can break it to escape and turn back into a peasant.
  • Added “Jail times are long” law back. This time, if the law is true, the jail sentence is 3 minutes long.
  • Changed spawn position after finishing jail sentence to right outside of town.
  • Janitor pay for ragdoll increased by 1.5x, and pay for everything else increased by 2x
  • Added a discreet way into the town for non-civilians.
  • New “Wanted” warning shows on your screen when you do something illegal that can lead to an arrest.
  • Janitor’s broom can pick up 2x more before dumping.
  • Basic Axe strength reduced from 10 to 5.
  • Good Axe strength reduced from 17 to 12.
  • Best Axe strength reduced from 25 to 20.
  • Basic Sickle strength reduced from 10 to 5.
  • Good Sickle strength reduced from 17 to 12.
  • Best Sickle strength reduced from 25 to 20.
  • Flood rise duration decreased from 90 to 60
  • Flood steady duration increased from 30 to 60
  • Treelord spawns when 75% of trees have been cut down, raised from 95% before
  • You can now sleep on the sunbathing chairs on the beach.
  • FarmKart now correctly shows 2 Best Sickles. FarmKart sickle strength is still 25 like before.
  • Tweaked first-person view
  • Addded limit to number of notifications displayed at a time
  • Fixed axe TP exploit
  • Jester pumpkins changed back to banana peels


  • Fixed bug where you needed 1 cent more than what’s required to purchase a role.
  • Added short peasant cutscene for new players
  • Remade signs to town and barbarian village


  • Introducing: FarmKart! This single-seater has 2 Best Sickles constantly rotating while you drive across the field. Very nice. Costs $300
  • The Farm has been expanded to other side of the town for more than 2x rice to cut.
  • Good Food now removes 2 food from food storage
  • Best Food now removes 3 food from food storage
  • Only the last rice in a patch of 5 will add 1 food to the food storage (reverting to previous behavior of rice cutting). You still get paid for each rice cut.
  • Dropping off a passenger on the BusKart now pays $10 (previously $5)
  • Lowered price of Barbarian Bomb to $100 (previously $200)
  • Max cooldown for flood has been decreased to 40 minutes (previously 60)


  • Various exploit patches


  • Hotfix for plotted trees not spawning


  • Fixed good axe notification bug that switched Trees and Fruit Trees
  • Fixed some plot trees not despawning


  • Mini Plots: LVL 2 and LVL 3 Houses now have mini plots on their 2nd floor balcony! Mini plots grow mini trees. These trees give 1/2 of the rewards of normal trees (normal mini tree = $2.5)
  • Plots now grow trees every 5 minutes instead of 10 minutes
  • Fixed glitch where barbarian bows still pay when a house is destroyed.
  • Money bags and fruits on trees are not occasionally hidden inside the tree anymore
  • Fixed sleeping bug that didn’t disable spectate after leaving the bed
  • Council vote start sound’s volume increased
  • Switched to new Future lighting technology (previously ShadowMap)
  • New skybox
  • Karts have headlights


  • When leader approval is at 0%, the law “Violence is legal” is temporarily enabled until it is no longer 0%.
  • Approval rating now changes 2.5x faster.
  • Server portals updated to contain more information about servers, including tax rate, wage, food price, and leader approval
  • New scoring system for servers to show up on server portals
  • Council voting now ends when one side has been voted with more than 50% of voting power. (Leaders have 3 voting power, council members 1, and guards 0.5)
  • New sound for voters when council voting starts
  • Council vote reminder changed from transparent notification to larger purple event notification
  • You can now spectate other players while sleeping in bed
  • Movement sounds volume decreased by 25%
  • Rewrote event notification handler to properly disappear when an event has ended
  • Fixed bed bug that would cause players to get stuck in the ceiling after jumping off
  • Reduced part count of houses by up to 90% for optimization
  • Fixed weird shadows coming from lobby


  • LVL 3 House Plotted Trees can now only be chopped by the house’s owner. Trying to chop a tree that doesn’t belong to your own home will now fail and a shows a message, “THIS IS NOT YOUR TREE.”


  • Modified logic for landlord entry to homes: If a renter’s home is locked, a landlord can only enter to collect rent while the renter is at home. If the renter is not at home and owes rent, the landlord can no longer enter their homes unsolicited.
  • Various minor bugs


  • House Update: Houses now have furniture! Each upgrade adds more furniture to the house.
  • Bed: Sleeping in a bed will increase your health slowly over time and also slow your hunger by 2x.
  • Plots: LVL 3 Houses now have plots that grow trees. Trees take 10 minutes (1 in-game day) to grow. The probability of growing a money tree on a plot is 40% (80x higher than normal!!) and the probability of a fruit tree is 10% (3.33x higher than normal)
  • Landlords can now enter houses of renters who owe rent even if the door is locked.
  • LVL 2 House rent increased to $5/min from $4/min
    -LVL 3 House rent increased to $15/min from $10/min
  • LVL 2 House price increased to $80 from $40.
  • LVL 3 House price increased to $200 from $100.
  • Barbarians can now steal up to 10 food at a time (up from 5)
  • Barbarian bombs now do 100 damage to houses
  • Barbarian bombs now do 200 damage to the gate (previously 100)
  • Barbarian bomb price reduced from $250 to $200.
  • Barbarian bow price reduced from $100 to $50.
  • Barbarians now make $5 every time they bomb the gate.
  • Barbarians now make $5 every time they bomb a house.
  • Barbarians now make $25 when they destroy a house.
  • Added Arrest GUI to guard handcuffs to easily tell who can be arrested.
  • You can now leave your house.
  • All upgrade buttons are now smaller in size and red colored.
  • LVL 0 House health increased from 200 to 500.
  • LVL 1 House health increased from 200 to 500.
  • LVL 2 House health increased from 500 to 1000.
  • LVL 3 House health increased from 1000 to 2000.
  • Basic Hammer pay increased from $0.3 to $0.5 per hit.
  • Basic Hammer fix decreased from 15 to 5.
  • Good Hammer pay increased from $0.74 to $1 per hit.
  • Good Hammer fix decreased from 37 to 20.
  • Best Hammer pay increased from $1.5 to $2 per hit.
  • Best Hammer fix decreased from 75 to 50.
  • Fixed bug where the open/close button for money store UI on smaller devices were not showing properly.
  • Fixed bug where Handcuffs wouldn’t be removed when switching from guard to a different team.
  • Barbarian AI tweaks


  • New law: “Healthcare is free” When enabled, healthcare is free. If rejected, healthcare costs money and the doctor working the doctor office will be paid.
  • New Leader Approval Sign! Indicates the citizens’ approval of the leader. Can be increased or decreased by citizens holding the Riot or Praise signs.
  • Max wage increased from $20/min to $50/min.
  • Gate upgrades now go to level 50.
  • Gate health increases linearly as opposed to exponential as before.
  • Gate upgrade prices reduced by 75%
  • Food store hunger replenishment changed.|
    Before: (basic/good/best) 20/30/40 hunger replenishment
    Before: (basic/good/best) 15/30/45 hunger replenishment
  • Flood frequency range changed.
    –Before: 15-45 minutes random cooldown
    –After: 20-60 minutes random cooldown
  • Flood duration changed.
    –Before: (rise/steady/fall) 120/60/30: 3.5 minutes total
    –After: (rise/steady/fall) 90/30/30: 2.5 minutes total
  • Fixed bug where certain store displays were not showing
  • Buying a wheelchair while having functional legs will now remove the legs and give you the wheelchair.
  • Fixed incorrect message when chopping trees with Basic Axe
  • Various internal bug fixes


  • Fixed bug where leader bought from a store but couldn’t get the item because there’s no worker


  • Store Revamp! Each store now has 3 items. For example, the Sickle Store sells the Basic, Good, and Best Sickle. All stores now have 2 upgrades after opening, and each upgrade unlocks one new item.
  • Private servers are now FREE.
  • Food store now has Basic, Good, and Best Food. Basic is 20 hunger, Good is 30, and Best is 40. Basic price is leader’s designated food price. Good is 1.5x price, and Best is 2x price.
  • New weapon: Musket! Musket is the first item of the new Weapon Store. Musket does 20 damage and takes 2.5 seconds to reload. Musket costs $100.
  • New law: “Only guards can purchase weapons.” When this law is enacted, only guards and the leader can purchase weapons.
  • Wage: To fix the inflated economy of GRG, all store workers are now paid the same wage dictated by the leader, and this wage comes from the leader’s money. Wage is paid to store workers every minute instead of second.
  • Town Information UI and Store UI can now be hidden.
  • Leader’s vote power increased to 3 from 2.
  • Barbarian admission at the barbarian village no longer costs money if you have the gamepass (bug fix)
  • Guards now get paid $50 for council participation (if the law “Guards can vote” is enacted)
  • Guards now get notified when council voting starts (previously only leader and council members were notified)


  • Added Panic sign (say any form of “panic” to get it)
  • New Player Barbarian tool: Bomb! Does 15 damage to humans, and 100 damage to the gate. Costs 250. Killing players with the bomb will reward money.
  • Janitors can now pick up bombs. Dispose of them before they explode for $1 each.
  • Added new names and hairs for barbarians, added girl barbarians
  • Barbarian angry threshold lowered from 75% to 50% of health
  • Added more NPC barbarian quotes
  • NPC Barbarians now speak in gaemese
  • NPC Barbarian archers cannot hurt other NPC Barbarians
  • Player Barbarian bows cannot hurt other player barbarians (they can still hurt NPC barbarians)
  • Player Barbarian bow damage increased from 8 to 12
    -Player Barbarian bow price increased from $50 to $100
  • Killing players with the Barbarian bow now rewards money like the Barbarian sword
  • Accounts under 10 days old can now play grg if they are a part of the grg fanclub
  • Guard spawn cooldown removed


  • Added bubble chat to NPC barbarians
  • Fixed occasional bubble chat messages being cut off
  • Fixed tree chopping text typo
  • Barbarians chopping fruit tree will now contribute to barbarian food supply, not town food supply
  • Tree respawn rate increased by 1.66x


  • Fixed barbarian admission price bug (cost $200 when it should be $100)


  • Map expansion. Rivers flowing through for potential fishing spots, more area for trees to spawn. Bridges going across rivers. Clearer barbarian land divide.
  • Max tree spawns increased from 200 to 400.
  • Barbarians will attack anyone nearby regardless of current barbarian raid status once their health drops below 75%. This applies to neutral roles like doctor, peasant, janitor etc.
  • Barbarian village now has an Axe Store. “Axe” is equivalent to the Basic Axe in town. Axe price is $10. Only barbarians can purchase from this store.
  • Trees have the chance to spawn in the town (rare)
  • Fog reduced during barbarian raids, and no fog during peacetime
  • Fixed minor spawn shadows
  • Max player barbarian count increased from 25% of players to 33%
  • NPC Barbarian archers are 2x less accurate
  • Barbarian raid cooldown increased to 15 minutes after last raid.
  • NPC barbarians now heal over time. Same rate as normal players
  • Tree lord event max length shortened from 5 minutes to 3 minutes
  • Flood rise duration slowed to 120 seconds from 60 seconds (to compensate for longer average time taken to get to safety)
  • Fixed axe cooldown when fighting tree lord
  • Fixed kart wheel bug


  • Introducing: BusKart! Transport passengers between bus stops around the map for money! Any role can purchase a BusKart and be a bus driver. Priced at $250 or free with Karl’s Klub membership.
  • There are pumpkins all around the forest! Chop one with an axe to get some rewards.
  • Jesters have a fake pumpkin that acts just like a banana peel to fool other players. Temporary item for Halloween season.
  • ALL non-barbarian players can now make money from killing a barbarian with a sword.
  • Bananas no longer trip kart drivers.
  • Entrance remodeled to prevent player Barbarians from entering by double stacking
  • Roads widened for better kart use
  • Ragdoll collisions fixed to work better while attached to brooms on karts
  • Trees are fall colored.
  • Kart price reduced from 400 to 100.
  • DoubleKart price reduced from 600 to 150.
  • All kart purchase times reduced from 10 to 5 seconds.
  • Kart driver seat color changed to green
  • Kart despawn timer reduced from 20 to 5 seconds
  • More reliable karts with multiple riders
  • Kart brakes improved (fixed brake bug)


  • Landlord role price decreased from $800 to $500. Landlord gamepass normal price reduced from R$400 to R$250.
  • Guard role price decreased from $500 to $400. Guard gamepass normal price reduced from R$250 to R$200.
  • New law: “Landlord pay taxes”
  • Removed law: “Jesters allowed in town”
  • 60 second cooldown added for respawning as Landlord
  • 30 second cooldown added for respawning as Guard
  • Jesters now spawn in town
  • Houses now reset to an empty plot instead of staying at the same level when the owner loses ownership of house.
  • Small delay added between building a house and buying the house to prevent accidental purchases after building.
  • House upgrade prices for level 2 and 3 are 50% cheaper.
  • Rent UI moved slightly to the left
  • Fixed boombox bug that could play music without boombox equipped


  • House update: New house models. Upgraded houses have better protection during floods and and barbarian raids. New lower initial cost to purchase a house. Houses now have HP and can be repaired with a hammer. Houses now have rent paid per minute (starting at $1 for level 1 house).

  • New role: Landlord. Landlord collects rent. Max 2 landlords in a server. If a renter doesn’t have enough to pay rent, they will be jailed.

  • Doctor price reduced from $300 to $250. Doctor gamepass normal price decreased from R$150 to R$125.

  • Barbarian price reduced from $200 to $100. Barbarian gamepass normal price decreased from $100 to $50.

  • Killing Landlord as Barbarian pays $25. Killing Council Member as Barbarian pays $50.

  • Axe, hammer and sickle hit detection fix

  • Janitor objective changed from “STAY ALIVE” to “CLEAN THE CHAOS”

  • New Longest Times leaderboard.


  • Bug fixes
  • New t-shirt for mods in-game


  • Barbarian swords cannot hurt barbarians anymore
  • Barbarians get paid $5 for killing civilians
  • Barbarians get paid $25 for killing guards, up from $10
  • Guards get paid $25 for killing player barbarians, up from $10


  • Implemented more robust translation handler (will make translating more efficient)


  • New Jail area
  • Best Hammer store moved to old Jail area
  • Doctor Office worker pay doubled (all levels of doctor office pay have been doubled. New starting pay is $0.5/sec)
  • Fixed bug that kept non-spectators in spectator lobby after team change
  • Fixed occasional glitch that made drivers unable to drive their karts
  • Trees now have appropriate grass and wood materials
  • Tree lord has grass and wood materials too
  • Tree lord sprint speed slightly decreased
  • Fixed bug that charged players at barbarian admission even when they failed to become a barbarian
  • You are now limited to 1 of each tool if you buy from the physical store
  • New Fruit Trees. These trees fill your hunger, they don’t pay money. Green fruits +5 hunger, orange +10, red +20. The same amount is also added to the town’s supply. 3% chance of spawning
  • New Money Trees. These trees give out $100 when chopped. 0.5% chance of spawning
  • Tree respawning and placement system revamped: Trees now spawn in random places, not pre-determined
  • Wood chopping message changed from “CHOPPED WOOD” to “CHOPPED TREE”
  • Tree lord chopping message changed from “CHOPPED WOOD” to “CHOPPED TREE LORD”
  • Axe damage on tree lord increased by 2x
  • New background music for when you’re holding a gun (only the gun holder can hear it)
  • Decreased ear ringing sound length and volume when near a gun shot
  • Tree lord despawn increased to 5 minutes (from 2 minutes)
  • Changes to moderation system


  • Jester radio loud audios nerfed lol
  • Fixed mobile unable to honk/siren in karts
  • Fixed kart leaderboard and start line text visual bug
  • Karts aren’t removed when non-owner tries to drive the kart
  • Kart spawn life increased from 10 to 20 (after 20 seconds of not sitting on the kart, it will despawn)
  • AI Barbarian Archers shooting accuracy slightly decreased
  • Flood rain added (credit to buildthomas’ rain module)
  • Added new background music for various situations
  • Left side of ocean by town blocked off from barbarian attacks.


  • Added guard and doctor sirens to karts. If you are a guard or doctor, left click while holding your kart tool to start your siren. No need to hold it down like the normal horn.
  • Council voting bugfix
  • Laws being voted on now cycle chronologically according to Law board as opposed to random.
  • Beach ramps now kart-friendly
  • Dead body ragdoll collision fix


  • Gate entrance ramp simplified for easier maneuvering and space and to mitigate barbarians from gatehopping
  • Various roads and inclines optimized for kart driving
  • New gamepass: Karl’s Klub. Like Karl’s Karts? Want a permanent subscription to Karl’s Karts’ lineup of Karts? Join Karl’s Klub now and never pay for a Kart again!
  • Added racetrack to Karl’s Karts. $5 per lap finished.
  • Added Car Horn to Karts. Honk by equipping the Kart tool while driving and activating the tool.
  • Bananas can now slip karts (only off-track)


  • Karts! Ride in style with the new Kart. Bring a passenger with you in the DoubleKart. Sold at Karl’s Karts, a new addition to the map.
  • Guard 1 minute cooldown removed
  • Hammer fixrate increased by 1.5x
  • Barbarians no longer spawn with bows
  • Barbarian Bow store ($50 per bow)
  • Guards spawn with Guard Sword - only damages barbarians


  • New barbarian village! The village is the resting place for AI and player barbarians. Here you can fish, chill with other barbarians and… well, that’s about it. Peasants are allowed to enter and eat food here.
  • New role: Barbarian! That’s right, you can play as a barbarian now! Enlist at the new barbarian village and you will receive a sword and bow and arrow to wreak havoc on those poor civilians.
  • New role: Janitor! Clean up other people’s bloody mistakes for pay. More fun than it sounds.
  • New weapon: Bow and Arrow. Does low-moderate damage at moderate fire rate. Available only to barbarians.
  • Improved barbarian AI to support defensive behavior during peaceful times.
  • Revamped food supply mechanic. Food supply is now linked to a physical food silo in both the town and the barbarian village. Barbarians can steal the town’s food supply for their own by attacking it with weapons.
    -Revamped barbarian raid mechanic. Barbarians will raid if their own food supply is too low and will continue to raid until they fill their own food supply or the town’s food supply is depleted.
  • Law changed: Old law “Guards can enter council area” changed to “Guards can vote. (1/2 power)”
  • Law changed: Old law “Holding weapons is allowed” changed to “Violence is allowed in the town.” This now applies to guards as well.
  • Law removed: “Guards can use weapons”
  • Law added: “Jesters are allowed in town.” Hate jesters? Now you can banish them from the town. Banished Jesters do not have to pay taxes.
  • Jester radio volume has been greatly increased.
  • Mute button has been split into mute BGM and mute radio buttons.
  • Gate max upgrade is now 6x stronger than previous max.
  • Added 1 minute cooldown to rejoining as guard.
  • Guards can no longer make arrests outside of town.
  • Added stone barrier around town
  • Added huge stone barrier around the entire map.
  • Increase rice cutting pay from $1 to $2
  • Each rice cut now equals 1 food. (Previously only 1/5 gave 1 food)
  • Fishing money and food payment increased by 2.5x during floods
  • Town food supply capacity increased to 200
  • Hammer hitbox fixed
  • Tree lord damage on gate substantially increased
  • Tree lord damage on players and damage progression halved
  • Gash crab hut retextured to reduce lag
  • Teams with hats no longer remove old character hats
  • Changed town’s admission sign from “PEASANT ADMISSION” to “CIVILIAN ADMISSION”
  • Slight update to head UI
  • New death screen with respawn button and alternate longer auto-respawn
  • Clarification of temp-ban by moderation


  • Anti-exploit improvement


  • Leader bug hotfix


  • Admission seat bug fix


  • Fix spawn button and spawning issue
  • Background music fades when close to others
  • Movement sound balancing


  • Game-crashing bug fix
  • StreamingEnabled re-enabled


  • Gaemese improvements. Distinction between normal lowercase sounds and shouting uppercase sounds. Head scale corresponds to what is being spoken.


  • Introducing Gaemese. This is the language that Gaemers speak. Try chatting with others and listening to your character speak. Works for all types of alphabets!


  • New law: “Guards can enter council area.”
  • Council member pay notification corrected. (Pay is $100 per vote, notification showed $50)
  • Doctor heal pay raised to $0.5 per heal (originally $0.25)
  • Gash crab hut is back (and a bit bigger)
  • Variable healthbar color


  • Add 5 minute cooldown to rejoining council
  • Rice cutting fix


  • Rice fields slight visual change
  • Tax rate, food price, food supply do not get reset when a leader dies.
  • Barbarian head UI improved. Random barbarian names and hairs
  • Barbarian levels more varied.
  • New notification for Leader and Council to remind them when a new council session has started


  • Server optimization
  • Spawn hotfix


  • Guard arrest payment increased to $10 (previously $5)
  • Leader vote counts as 3 (previously 1/2)
  • “Leader’s vote counts twice” law removed (Leader’s vote always counts 3 times now)
  • Leader has the ability to resign peacefully. Leader will be reverted back to their previous role
  • Council safezone area slightly decreased
  • Barbarians ragdoll on death
  • “Doctors pay taxes” New law
  • “Jail times are long” New law. Yes = 60 second jail time, No = 30
  • Bug fixes


  • Flood max height increased by 0.5 studs to prevent z-clipping (better fishing from certain spots too)
  • Optimize text for better language support
  • Fix admission seat leaky connection bug (should hopefully prevent seat from occasionally breaking)
  • Removed update log temporarily
  • Fix money/time display bug
  • Tshirt noobs in lobby made invincible so they don’t die lol
  • Fix invisible seat bug
  • Organize event calls to reduce server lag


  • Law clarification: “Civilians should be able to hold weapons” If this law is rejected, that means a civilian can be arrested for just holding a weapon. Using the weapon when there is no barbarian raid is still a criminal offense.
  • Bug fixes


  • Introducing: THE COUNCIL. Council members and the leader get to vote on important laws that can make or break a town.
  • Added spectate button for spectators to view other players
  • Lobby slightly remodeled.
  • Day progression paused if server size is smaller than 5. (VIP Servers not affected because VIP scores don’t save)
  • Optimized text for better translation support (GRG is now fully translated in Portuguese and Polish, Spanish and French partial support)
  • Added fanfare sounds for new leader and laws passed.
  • Group T-Shirt models added to lobby.
  • House upgrade prices reduced.
  • Changed sound button’s emoji to be more clear
  • Gash Crab hut removed


  • grg official t-shirts! if worn on your avatar, they will appear in-game.
  • physical update log in lobby
  • datastore reliability improvement
  • players kicked/banned will receive a message with the name of moderator/admin that kicked/banned them
  • seat fixes


  • Fixed spawn break issues
  • Fixed bug where hunger would not reset to 100 after dying as criminal


  • Tool fixes


  • Improve server portal responsiveness


  • Server portals! There are 5 server portals by the daily reward statues. These servers are chosen based off how many days the leader has survived and how many people are in the server.
  • Jester banana peel’s slipping works more reliably (on players and barbarians)
  • Fix boombox gui showing after boombox has been removed from backpack


  • Add music mute button (mutes game music and radios, lol)
  • Disable phone portrait mode


  • Jester role! Objective: Entertain the people. Drop a banana and make money for making people (and barbarians) slip. Jesters also have boomboxes. Price: 400 money or R$200 for permanent gamepass
  • VIP gamepass: Get a VIP tag next to your name on character and in-chat. Price: R$50
  • Guards, doctors and jesters spawn with hats related to their role
  • Chat tags. grg fan club members will have [fan] next to their name when chatting
  • Tools cannot be dropped anymore
  • Shortened time length of certain notifications
  • Guard objective changed from “PROTECT THE LEADER” to “PROTECT THE TOWN” to be more aligned with handcuff mechanics
  • Refactoring codebase (to Aero)
  • Optimization improvements
  • Fixed rare datastore loss bug


  • Shop upgrade bug fix


  • Seat bug hotfix
  • Various other bug fixes


  • Changed farming mechanic to be more balanced.
  • Events happen less frequently.
  • Bandage displaying wrong pay rate


  • Increase doctor bandage pay from 0.1 to 0.2 money.


  • Hammer rebalancing


  • Farming! Use sickles to cut rice and keep the town’s supply of food stable.
  • Food subsidies! Leader sets the price of food and pays the offset with their own money. Max food price raised to $8.
    -Axe, hammer and sickle cooldown reduced from 1 second to 0.5 seconds.
  • Food store eating time reduced from 5 to 2.5 seconds.
  • Food replenishment of hunger decreased
  • New axe models! Best axe nerfed
  • Axes and hammers have different colors to represent their strength
  • Fixed bug that would cause max level stores to be degraded to a lower level
  • Leader forcefield duration increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds
  • Barbarian raid frequency slightly reduced
  • Barbarian raid size reduced
  • Barbarian level increase at a higher pace
  • Decreased Tree Lord’s jump height


  • Guard self-arresting bug fixed
  • Multiple arrests of same person in quick succession fixed
  • Successful arrest pay increased from $1 to $5
  • Role teleport button multiple payment bug fixed


  • Guards can arrest anyone (including doctors and other guards) except Leader
  • Guard can only arrest some actively using a weapon
  • Guard is paid $1 per arrest
  • Sword doesn’t harm until explicitly activated
  • Better handling of random TPing
  • Axe bug patched


  • Fix fishing and tree glitches
  • Fix statue bug


  • Exploit handling tweak
  • Various bug fixes


  • Fix statue hat scaling


  • Fix another fishing pole bug
  • Tweaked exploit handling


  • Daily bonus and extra daily group bonus! Kneel before the two leader statues by the peasant spawn to receive your daily bonus. One of the statues only grant your daily bonus if you’re in the group.
  • Modified first person view to see body
  • Stricter exploit handling
  • Fishing pole bugs fixed
  • Increase leader’s make it rain button cooldown from 1 to 5 seconds
  • Lower spawn rate of money rain for better performance
  • Extrude gate’s walkway to prevent barbarians from climbing over as frequently (and more space to stand on)
  • Tweaked barbarian AI
  • Players cannot climb through open windows anymore
  • Tree Lord HP increased from 1000 to 2500.


  • Fixed one last button that still made you overpay for role
  • Prevent negative money to save in the first place (if this ever happens again, which it shouldn’t, you can rejoin the game to your last saved balance that wasn’t negative)


  • Overpaying for role bug fixed
  • Leaders and spectators can get signs now too
  • Ragdolls increased to 60 seconds of life (from 45)
  • Added tempban functionality for mods in-game
  • Rare gate health over maxhealth glitch fixed


  • fishing pole bug fix
  • fix consistency of food store’s line color (sometimes the right one was red)


  • decrease punch’s maxforce to stop random flinging


  • monthly reign leaderboard
  • gold text for leader
  • 30 second forcefield for new leader
  • changed food line’s color to red
  • added help sign (say “help” in chat)
  • moved fishing store closer to town center
  • fix doctor self-healing glitch

[previous versions were not logged]