Generic Scary Gaem: Changelog



UPDATE 1 (v0.2)

:evergreen_tree: New simple forest map expansion
:running_man: New custom animations
:stop_sign: Removed gpg characters and changed to user’s own character (previously glitched)
:family_man_woman_girl_boy: Added group benefits, join Faczki’s Studios for +50 Health Points
:space_invader: General bug fixes and improvements
:open_book: Wikipedia: See about all enemies and allies currently in the game
:bookmark_tabs: Tutorial
:dagger: New enemy: Velboi
:palm_tree: Small prison decorations
:ice_cube: Removed Herobrine
:heart: Heartbeats when you are near an enemy
:person_in_lotus_position: Ragdoll
:alien: Other small changes

UPDATE 2 (v0.3)

:evergreen_tree: Forest updated
:ice_cube: Removed Herobrine
:arrow_down: BALANCE CHANGES:

  • Nerfed Pablito
  • Buffed Velboi
  • Buffed Vinterno

:european_castle: Small Prison Decorations
:sunny: Graphic changes
:moneybag: New Money System
:hammer: General bug fixes
:iphone: Mobile Run Button
:ghost: New Spooky SFX
:man_health_worker: New Health Bar
:flashlight: ITEMS!
:toolbox: New item category at wikipedia, where you can also buy them
:alien: Other small changes

UPDATE 3 (v0.4)

:drop_of_blood: BLOOD HOUR

  • Every enemy gets 2x sight, walkspeed and attack damage
  • Has a 1/10 chance of happening every nigh
  • Dures half the time of a normal night

:eyes: Nerfed Velboi’s detection radius by half
:zap: Sprintspeed
:ice_cube: Removed Herobrine
:moneybag: New gamepass: Double Sprintspeed
:bat: Small Spook After Death
:hammer_and_wrench: General bug fixes
:sparkles: Enemies spawn are now located my an aura
:alien: Other small changes

Patch v0.4.1

:running_man: Nerfed Velboi’s speed
:space_invader: General bug fixes
:ice_cube: Removed Herobrine
:crescent_moon: Night now has a duration of 7 minutes instead of 10
:sun_with_face: Day now has a duration of 2 minutes instead of 1
:alien: And some other patches

UPDATE 4 (v0.5)

:smiling_imp: NEW ENEMY: FARHEN

  • Has a very fast speed, very small sight area and high damage.

:house_with_garden: SAFEHOUSE
:beach_umbrella: NEW BEACH EXPANSION
:deciduous_tree: FOREST EXPANSION
:open_book: LORE:

  • This update now introduces bits and pieces of lore to the game

:ice_cube: Removed Herobrine
:skull: New graveyard expansion
:door: New prison areas
:moneybag: New gamepass: 2x Money
:imp: New limitations for enemies:

  • Vinterno now can’t leave the prison area
  • Pablito now can’t leave the middle area of the game (Forest and Sea area)
  • Velboi now can’t leave the city
  • Farhen cannot leave the graveyard
  • All of the barriers are broken during Blood Hour

:drop_of_blood: Blood Hour Alterations:

  • Now barriers, previously told will fall during blood hour and come back after it’s done
  • Farhen now added to blood hour

:arrow_double_down: BALANCE CHANGES:

  • Velboi has been nerfed
  • All enemies have got their stats revamped
  • Range of all enemies buffed

:space_invader: General fixing of a lot of bugs
:eye: New graphical and visual improvements
:person_in_lotus_position: Changed spawn position to stop spawn camping
:hammer: New Power Meter Tool
:alien: And other smaller changes

Patch v0.5.1

:chicken: Buffed Pablito’s Walking Speed
:running_man: Added running button for both mobile and pc users
:ice_cube: Removed Herobrine
:hammer_and_wrench: Made almost all tools cheaper except flashlight
:interrobang: Revamped tutorial
:zap: Power will now go out 2x slower
:space_invader: Fixed a ton of glitches
:alien: And some other small changes

Patch v0.5.2

:space_invader: Lots of bug fixes
:family_man_woman_girl_boy: New 15 player limit each server
:ice_cube: Removed Herobrine
:sob: Is no more
:alien: And other changes

UPDATE 5 (v0.6) - Coming 08/05

:dagger: SKILLS
:tanabata_tree: NEW JUNGLE AREA
:arrow_double_up: BALANCE CHANGES:

  • Nerfed Farhen’s walkspeed
  • Nerfed player sprinting speed
  • Greatly nerfed group health bonus
  • Added group speed bonus

:bulb: Revamped Lighting
:skull: Graveyard area revamp
:ice_cube: Removed Herobrine
:deciduous_tree: Lab, prison and safehouse decorations
:moneybag: You can now instantly restore power for 10 robux (Product not gamepass)
:iphone: Added mobile run (hopefully works fine)
:world_map: Small map changes
:space_invader: General bug fixes
:alien: Other small changes