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Please keep the following in mind before applying

  • We do not Hire developers under the age of 15
  • Please be professional while applying
  • Do not constantly ask if your application was approved
    Failure to Abide by this will result in a void of your application


@am_brick and I are starting up a clothing brand called Genetic$

The theme of the clothing store would be based on a laboratory, Si-Fi or realistic Would be the Developer’s choice


Payment would be delivered through group funds, we do NOT pay upfront. Payment is negotiable if your application is accepted.

Payment would be 15k-20kR$ Not a large map size, preferably small-medium.


Contact Ciara#6759 through discord or @Whois_Ciara through dev forums. Send past work or a portfolio. Anything else such as vouches will not be accepted.

Thanks for applying :heart:

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