Geometry Flicker

There is geometry flicker in every game on Xbox One. I am currently using the 1st gen console.

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This might be related?:

This was related to a feature we briefly enabled last week, but we have disabled it literally last week. Any chance your Roblox app has been running for a week? Can you reboot your Xbox and check if the issue persists?

My Xbox has been turned off many times. A Roblox update was installed right before the flickering started occurring. Also I noticed the inverted camera controls bug is back with no option to switch back. Maybe Roblox accidentally rolled back to a previous build.

If you go to the HOME tab, then settings (press X on HOME tab), it should tell you the version number in the lower right. Would you mind passing that along?

I haven’t been able to see the flicker on any of our consoles at the office (we have 1st gen retail console and dev kit, and Xbox One S retail console and dev kit). As for the inverted axis, we did turn on a setting yesterday that turned the feature on for real, and there should be an option in the settings menu to change this.


There is not an inverted camera option in my settings.