German Democratic Republic | Vehicle Guide


DDR Driving Manual

Issued by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure


The DDR allows users to drive Vehicles at the majority of it’s maps. The following Manual has been prepared to make all users aware of their rights, obligations and privileges on the roads.

Spawning a Vehicle

Vehicle Spawn Pads are located across the map. These can easily be identified by the Red Markings on the Ground and a GUI stating “Spawn a Vehicle”. You simply use the Car Spawner Tool on the pad and you’ll be presented with a list of vehicles.

Obtainable Vehicles

DDR Group Members are granted a free Trabant for use. All other Vehicles must be bought using Gamepasses or from the In-Game Dealership.

Teams such as the Police, Armed Forces and Security Services are given team vehicles for work use only.

Speed Limits

By an Act of the Party Presidium the following map currently represents the Applicable Speedlimits in Bornholmer Strasse

  • In Pink Areas the Speed Limit is fixed at 30
  • In Green Areas the Speed Limit is fixed at 45
  • In Dark Blue Areas the Speed Limit is fixed at 70

These speed limits will be enforced by various Law Enforcement Agencies alongside the other rules of the road listed. Emergency Vehicles are exempt from these Speed Restrictions only when responding to a callout.

Rules of the Road


The rules of the road apply to all DDR Maps

  1. Abide by Volkspolizei and State Instructions
  2. You may not park on the Sidewalk or on roads with Double Yellow Markings
  3. You may have one vehicle out at a time
  4. The DDR drives on the Right Side of the Road
  5. Yield for ALL Pedestrians willing to cross
  6. Theft of Vehicles is not permitted and is a Criminalised Offense
  7. These rules do not apply to the Group Owner or Nominated Persons
  8. Drive vehicles with respect and common courtesy