Gerstner waves tiling/seam issues

Hi, I’m trying to make Gerstner waves. One problem I’m having is it’s not tiling correctly even though the vertices start in the exact same position.

here is my code:(just placeholder)

local k = 2 * math.pi / 30
	local speed = math.sqrt(9.8 / k)
	local a = 0.5 / k
	local d =
	local f = k * (d:Dot(, node.Position.Z)) - speed * workspace.DistributedGameTime)
	node.Transform = * (a * math.cos(f)), a * math.sin(f), d.y * (a * math.cos(f)))

Thanks in advance :smile:

For anyone wondering in the future, change position to world position :man_facepalming: LMAO took me so long to figure that out

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