Get a drink at 3 am: The credits

get a drink at 3 am: The credits

get a drink at 3 am is a game where your objective is to get a drink… at 3 AM. traverse your house and local neighborhood in search of a drink to satisfy your thrist… and maybe uncover the secrets of this WORLD. you don’t have much time, good luck!

This, along with the game’s own end credits, serves as a way to properly credit some of the amazing people that have contributed to this game! :heart:

Main developer, scripter, builder & writer



Writing Help

Other Contributions

  • FAYE (profile): Drawing the 2nd thumbnail on the game’s page.
  • Haiwen (profile): For making the Goober & scripting Ben’s Duel. Lots and lots great advice and scripting help.
  • MejuX (profile): For Arcade building model.
  • NapoleonXV (profile): For the Diner model base.
  • Sundae (profile): For their amazing artwork.
Other in-game music
  • Roblox Audio Library
  • Undertale OST
  • OneShot OST