Get Amount of Players Web API

How can I get the amount of Players, … in a Server with the Web API? For example I have my Job ID and want to get the amount of players in this server.

i think i had script for that lemme check rq

not like that he wants to get players from job id with web api

try to use messaging service to get info about server

After looking around in the network tab, I think this might be what you’re looking for :slight_smile:<gameid>/servers/Public?sortOrder=Desc&limit=10

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Yes I found that too but I don’t want to send 3 Requests to fetch all servers and then look if the server is there

I don’t think there’s an API method that allows you to get info about a specific server, your only way of doing this is to request until you find it. Did you try changing the limit to 100?

Of course I changed it to 100, I just thought that there was a better option.

As long as you are only doing about ~5 requests per minute it should be fine. There could be an another option that is complicated with outside-inside communicating with each other via http requests.

What do you mean by outside-inside communicating with each other?

What I had in mind was to setup a web server that the Roblox game servers would request to, the server passes their ID as parameter and the player amount in the HTTP request, the web server checks if it’s the one it needs, if it is: you have it.

No It’s not even for my own game. I want to retrieve Private Servers in another game, so I can check if they’re online.

And since they’re private I need to be friends with someone on the server to be able to see the server. >:(