Get asset id from decal (catalog) id

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I would like to make it easier for my board of executives to add decals into our database to remotely load them in-game. When putting a number into an image label (gui object), you will see that it changes.

Is there a web api that I can call with the store id (the link from the url to the decal page) and retrieve the asset it? (The number that it changes to)

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There used to be an API that someone created for this purpose but to the looks of it, it’s deprecated:

You could look into F3X’s source code and see how they do it, I am not sure myself though.

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Aha, where can I find their source? Though, I believe they will just be using insertservice or margetplaceservice:getproductinfo. I’d need a web api :expressionless:

Addon: I just tested that endpoint, it still appears to be working!! Hurray! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

If anyone knows how it is done, let me know. I’m interested in that . :slight_smile:

I use MarketplaceService to get the image of the decal. Note this returns a smaller resolution image, but it works.

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Thanks! Sadly, I’m looking for a web api :wink:

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Found an endpoint that might be of use:
assetId | long | The ID of the asset.

    "TargetId": 123456789,
    "ProductType": "User Product",
    "AssetId": 123456789,
    "ProductId": 24870409,
    "Name": "Hat",
    "Description": "",
    "AssetTypeId": 8,
    "Creator": {
        "Id": 1,
        "Name": "ROBLOX"
    "IconImageAssetId": 0,
    "Created": "2015-06-25T20:07:49.147Z",
    "Updated": "2015-07-11T20:07:51.863Z",
    "PriceInRobux": 350,
    "PriceInTickets": null,
    "Sales": 0,
    "IsNew": true,
    "IsForSale": true,
    "IsPublicDomain": false,
    "IsLimited": false,
    "IsLimitedUnique": false,
    "Remaining": null,
    "MinimumMembershipLevel": 0,
    "ContentRatingTypeId": 0

Hope I helped :wink:

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