Get Data from Heroku

How do I ask data from Heroku after deploying an app? Like make Roblox and Heroku communication.


You would need to learn the heroku APi here, and also have knowledge of roblox httpService to be able to send requests to heroku.HttpService

If you need more understanding on how communication works with Httpservice theirs several free models in the toolbox that use Trellos API (as a example).

I get that part, but how would I start communicating using HTTPS Service? For example Post Async and Request Async. What should be in the URL.

it shows here how the url would look. Let me know if you need more clarification.

Roblox has different types of requests listen in the HttpService documentation, such as RequestAsync (for different types of requests, like REST and DELETE) and PostAsync. You can use these to send different types of requests to your server on Heroku. I have used Heroku before, and it’s a good tool to use.

Thank you I was able to figure out that there is a Heroku git URL that u can require.

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