Get enumeration names of all instance types

Is there a way to get all the enumeration items of Instance types?


For example to get all enum. items for Font (i.e font styles) we would do :

 for _, fontName in ipairs(Enum.Font:GetEnumItems()) do 

Is it possible? Or would I just have to use an array containing all the string names of possible instances?

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Unfortunately, I don’t believe there is any native way to get all possible enumerations like that. Your best option would probably be to list them all inside of a ModuleScript containing an array, which can then be required to get the list.

See reply below.

You can find all current enumerations on this page:

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You can get a table of all enumeration types using Enum:GetEnums()


@0skarian, there is definitely a way to get all Enums:

 for i, enumItems in ipairs(Enums:GetEnums()) do 

       for i, enumItem in ipairs(enumItems:GetEnumItems()) do




Hope that helps!


yeah but what if you only wanted enumeration items of only instance types, take it this way:

for example to get all values of x where doing would be valid

I came to the conclusion that there is no way of doing this, at least yet