Get First 100 People in Group

How might I go about retrieving the first 100 members to join a given group? More specifically, of a given rank/role in said group? (Sort of like getting the first 100 keys/values in an table/array.)

To get a player’s rank in a group you can say:

local rankInGroup = Player:GetRankInGroup(GroupID)

print(rankInGroup) – Will print 255 if the player is the owner of the group.

Sorry for the late response. This is unfortunately not what I’m looking for exactly. I’m wanting to get a list of players within a group. It doesn’t even need to be a Lua method, I’m just wondering how I might be able to do that.

My goal is to get the first 100 members to join (aka the 100 oldest members) and save each of their UserIds into an array.

Maybe this could help you a bit:

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The first one is exactly what I needed. Thank you :+1:

FWIW: the post I made that you linked doesn’t have to do with members but rather figuring out what groups a player is in. Roblox does not provide a native API to query members of a group.

1 Like!/Membership/get_v1_groups_groupId_users

Is the specific API endpoint the thread’s poster was looking for if anyone was interested. Fairly trivial to use, just send a GET request to

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