Get amount of players in group & get group description

Hey, I’ve recently been working with roblox groups and roblox GroupService, however I haven’t found a way to get the amount of players in a group and how to get the group description. I have searched the forums, and have found some http link, however when I tried using it I got an error as I have never worked with httpService before. How would I get the amount of players in a group and get the group description?

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You can use GetGroupInfoAsync in order to do this although you’ll need to use HttpService to get the amount of members.

Did you manage to find these?

Yes, but I just got the error{ReturnedNextPageCursor}: Trust check failed so I wasn’t sure if that was the way to do it or not.

What can I use GetGroupInfoAsync for? The group description?

Yep, it basically returns a table of some group info such as creator name, group name, etc.

Ok thanks, I will use that for the group description