Get Game Icon Image

Basically, I just want to know all the special urls that can be used to get images off the website without a proxy. I know there’s a list of them out there somewhere, I’m just not sure where.

This thread seemed promising, but none of the links work anymore for some reason.


Solution for game icon:

local MP = game:GetService('MarketplaceService')

Solution for game thumbnails:

Solution for checking aspect ratios:


I’ve used this before maybe this should help


While this does seem to work, it returns a t3.rbxcdn link under imageUrl. How do I get a usable image for something like an ImageButton in Roblox?

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Well I dont really know but I used thumbnail api for a widget which seemed to work I dont know how it would work on roblox, I’ll try to figure it out and try

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Thank you.

I’m able to get game thumbnails using:

Which is equivalent to the imageUrl of:

However, only the top link is usable in Roblox Image related things and I’m still trying to figure out how to get usable urls for the other thumbnail types as well.

Hey, try "" That is the aspect ratio of game thumbnails.


I’ve got that much, but I was trying to find out how to get the game icon image, as well as any of the other thumbnail types.

However, I believe the solution is easier than I thought.

local MP = game:GetService('MarketplaceService')

This seems to get the game icon image. Perhaps there’s a proper way to get the others as well, but this fits my need.

Thank you everyone for your help.


Hello! I was trying to find out the solution to get the thumbnail’s, but none of the links work anymore. Any help?

I’m not sure if there’s another way to do it currently, but as of Release Notes for 588, HttpService will be allowed to make requests to specific Roblox Domains. This change isn’t live yet, but I believe that will be announced at the upcoming RDC, which will be from September 8th to the 9th.