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(Posting in Game Design Support because i don’t know where else)
Is there any way to get your game known without advertising or sponsoring? (I don’t have the money to buy Robux)
I usually spend a week to a whole month even making a really good game, but then I take it down because nobody plays it. So I end up losing alot of time of my life.
I mean, there is millions of games on Roblox, I doubt even one person would click on mine.
I have tried posting a YouTube video, but even then my YouTube video didn’t get popular.

Any feedback would be appreciated!!!


A really good method is to get a few popular youtubers to play your game, then a lot of their viewers will see them playing it so most likely they’ll decide to join. You can also tweet about your game, and there’s multiple communities where you can spread your game around as well.


Networking could be a big thing. Building out a large network through social media where you can put out posts or invites to come play your game is a free way to go about this. It very time consuming to do, but you can do this through interacting with other people through these medias, or creating content that is worth it for other people to share. Once people start sharing your creations you get yourself known further and it is easier to find people to play.

Reaching out to popular people who can bring their audience to the game will help as well. So don’t be afraid to send out messages, but do not spam and do not be a nuisance to those people.


I used Reddit. If you want more information, you can have a look at this thread: Liftoff - A Case Study


Well if you don’t want to spend robux try to make more thumbnails for your game and a very interesting looking game icon this can make game more recommended when someone search it
also edit the description and make it very good everything about the game and if you want to make your game popular try to make it more interesting so it was really fun to play even if you are alone on server then try to invite people to your game through the groups and try to get them interested in your game so they want to play it again you can ask them to invite their friends and get some game prize for it there is alot types of games and which type you choose it’s can be a prison game adopt me simulator and alot of other try to creating something that fun to play and something that people really like to play right now and keep your game active make some new updates and invite more people


Get a fairly big name to promote it, if you can’t do that then I suggest getting an investor if the project has potential.


Post a link to your game on here at least lol


What channel can I do that on?


I think he meant that you should post a link to your game in the OP


I feel your situation. A few years ago, I didn’t have the funds to work my way up the popularity scale,so I had to make do with my resources.

There are a few things you can do here. I’ll just make a list for ease of access:

  • Make your game fun in the first place! If it’s not fun, you’ll have no luck (even with ads/sponsors).
  • Share with your roblox friends. Again, if it’s fun, they will keep playing, which will push your game to even more players.
  • Share on DevForum, YouTube, Twitch, Discord, etc. Free and easy advertising.
  • Encourage your players to share the game in a not-so-aggressive way.
  • Play the game with them. Everybody LOVES to play the with owner, no matter how popular.
  • Ask for feedback, so players have a sense of contribution.
  • Do a ‘false discovery’. Make an alt account, play some other game, and sneak in a way to mention your game (like ima go play suchandsuch game now. anybody wanna join?). This is a very effective way to help players feel as if there is more of a community.
  • Speaking of community, make a discord sever for the game/studio! Discord servers build hype, hype brings players.

I can’t stress how important it must be for the game to be fun. Before No-Scope Sniping gained players, it was a basic gun system. I added a round system, added some cool features, and let it ferment overnight. I woke up to 5K active players.

While my case is a bit of an extremity, you could probably get 5-10 players over the course of 2-3 days by making your game addictive.

I hope my advise helps! :slight_smile:


That is unrealistic. Usually, popular YouTubers don’t just play some random game somebody asks for in the comments. However, if they do play it, it can be a dream come true :wink:


I don’t feel like typing again, but here’s a link to one of my recent posts related to this.

Hope this helps.


You’ll have to create a group and organically gain views, likes and members by simply using free methods to make your game more findable.

Find places to post your game like different websites. Make sure it is allowed and don’t spam. Make a youtube trailer showcasing the game and link the game with the video. Setup social media like twitter and post things about the game there.

Without ads, it will be difficult and take more time. One thing to note that will help you keep a positive attitude is that the roblox game store is filled with spam, incomplete and broken “games”. Your game can be found and played if it has a good icon, good name and good thumbnail.


Well, the tweeting thing really only works if you have a good number of followers on twitter


@sepro1144 It would still work if a person had less followers, if it’s interesting, people will look at it and get interested themselves, it would grow shortly after. I usually sometimes look at small posts in #RobloxDev on twitter to get some ideas and look at other games along the way, its a pretty good way to get some small traction up and running with other methods added on.

Other good ways to get some traction is well (sorta seems odd and a weird way to put it), ask for some feedback on the game on different servers/chats/channels, you’re getting both feedback/notes to fix the game while also having players pick up traction on it.

Another thing is to make a small video on it and share to others to slowly spread the message, show interesting clips of the game of course to make players want to play it.

Getting youtubers/big games in my opinion are a secondary option and should only be used as a last resort in my opinion (unless it comes to you cough XD), since it could get very difficult to find it and in the end, might even take longer.

Joining games like game teleporter (forgot specific name) and sharing to others personally is a pretty great way to also get traction, remember to ask for feedback of course while you’re at it.


3rdhoan123 is right, even with little or no followers, using the hashtags effectively on twitter can potentially get your twitter post shown to relevant users viewing tweets with the same hashtags. I’ve actually used hashtags successfully and gotten more likes and retweets even with very little followers.


Reddit may get you 40 or 50 supports at least.


What do you mean? Have you used Reddit in this way? My response was an anecdote from my own personal experiences from what actually happened to me. It got me far more than ‘40 or 50 supports’, but like I said, your mileage may vary.

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I gained 750k+ visits from a game I didn’t advertise/sponsor once. The game wasn’t even good but it included some tags (ex. football, footballs, game, practice).

I kept players returning by playing the game with them. Pretty much like building a community. Once I lost interest it eventually died. I made a lot of Robux from it though. :smiley:


I got five people at once in one of my new games just by using the group wall method