Get Group Icon?

So I know there’s a way to get a user’s profile thumbnail with:

local username = 'bleh'

But is there a way to get a group icon?

I originally tried reuploading it as a decal, but it was deleted (even though it’s literally the same image I used for the group and I own both). So is there a way I can just get the group icon instead of uploading a decal?


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Be sure to search before making threads.


EmblemUrl is the thing you’d want to use.

Code Example:

local groupService = game:GetService("GroupService")

function getGroupIcon(id)
   return groupService:GetGroupInfoAsync(id).EmblemUrl

print(getGroupIcon(5237948)) --> Output:

Oh, once again I missed something. I was looking on that page earlier, but I was looking for member count and didn’t really look at the rest. Thank you

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