Get hats created by roblox

How would I go about getting hats created by roblox and then adding them into my game?
Edit: It seems noone understands what I mean, So I want to get all of the hats created by roblox in a script and insert them into my game through a script

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game:GetService(“InsertService”):LoadAsset(ItemIdHere).Parent = game.Workspace

Under the command bar, and it will load that asset into the workspace


yeah but I would have to do that for every individual hat made by roblox


You can use AvatarEditorService. There’s some sample codes on the documentation page as well.


I recommend to install BTR roblox, This app helps you to install any roblox meshes by clicking on Download image button + you can also install texture of this mesh
So then you should export it with obj type and move the mesh to the studio
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Since noone seems to understand what I mean, I made an edit to the post