Get image size from any image on the catalog

I want to load an image from the catalog and display it with its original aspect ratio.

I initially tried:


However, it doesn’t return an aspect ratio nor the dimensions of the image.

I then tried making an ImageLabel, with ScaleType to Crop, and setting AutomaticSize to XY.

After that didn’t work, I looked here, but I couldn’t find anything.

At this point I am open to any answer, even if it includes using an API, preferably with JS, but again, any answer with any coding language would be appreciated.

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Maybe this post could help:

What I am trying to achieve is the actual size of the original image, not the size of it in game, if that makes sense.

Ohh I see what you’re saying. Honestly I’m not too sure because I looked through JSone functions and couldn’t find any that would match what you are looking for.

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I know the solution! It will only work if the image is PNG, You can just use the PNG library Module here: MaximumADHD/Roblox-PNG-Library: An implementation of the PNG file format in Lua, natively designed for Roblox. (
First, You need to get binary from the PNG image, to get the binary of the PNG image, you have to use HttpService and make an “GET” request to “ id here)” and then you do require(the module).new(the binary) and then it will return a table, so you can get the Size like this, returned table from the module).Width, (the returned table from the module).Height)

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Thanks for your response, and this may seem obvious but how do I require the library?

When you go to the github link I sent, you will see PNG.rbxm you must insert it inside Studio.

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So I downloaded the raw file, how do I insert it into studio?

Right Click on Workspace in explorer, Then click Insert from file, and choose the downloaded raw file.

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I keep getting this error:

HttpService is not allowed to access ROBLOX resources

Actually do “ id here)”


Thank you for this solution I was looking everywhere for it, I find it really weird however that ROBLOX doesn’t have a built-in function or behavior for image size.

EDIT: I realized that the library also had pixel data, which was something that I wanted, so I just wanted to thank you again!

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