Get instance from a pairs or ipairs

Im trying to put in a variable a instance that I got from using:

local instance = {}
for index, value in workspace:GetChildren() do
     instance[index] = value


I wanna get the instance instead of the value, for example it’s giving me “Baseplate”.

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you can just do

instance[index] = index


instance[value] = value

depending on which you mean

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it will give me this:

can you further explain what you’re trying to do? Let me know if this is correct

local instance = {}
for index, value in pairs(workspace:GetChildren()) do
     table.insert(instance, value)

What do you mean instead of the value you want the instance when the instance is the value?

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well after im trying to use :FindFirstChild()

That should be correct. What problems are you getting from that code?

well that’s more complicated, I use a module to stock the loop’s data, in there I detect when a player die and if he respawn we will teleport him in a special place, it’s a custom spawnpoint basically. Here is the module. The module’s parent is my script. The LastChanged option is changed when the player touch another checkpoint.

local players = game:GetService("Players")
local class = {}

	local userId = player.UserId
	class[userId] = {}
	class[userId].LastPlayed = nil
		if class[userId].LastPlayed ~= nil then
			character:WaitForChild("HumanoidRootPart").Position = class[userId].LastPlayed:FindFirstChild("Attachment").Position -- bug there

	table.remove(class, player.UserId)


return class

Can you actually explain what the problem is, because from the looks of it your code is doing exactly what you want…

This is wrong. table.remove is for arrays, and it goes hand-in-hand with table.insert. What you are using is a hashmap instead, aka a dictonary. To remove it, you just assign the value to nil.

	class[player.UserId] = nil
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thanks, the problem is that I cannot use :FindFirstChild() after using a value the error is “attempt to index nil with :FindFirstChild”, that logic but I cannot find what the problem is

.LastPlayed was set to nil. You never gave it a value.

Then it should not print the error because I have a condition that detect if it’s not nil, so I use it in another script which is the parent of the module.

local Checkpoint = require(script.Checkpoint)

at a certain time I use

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