Get metrics like developer stats using APIs

Hey there! I was wondering is there any API or data that can return data that can be used to make charts like the ones in the developer stats page about your game.


  2.[daily or hourly or monthly]&divisionType=Device

  3.[Device or Age]

  4.[Device or Age]

Keep in mind, you need to pass .ROBLOSECURITY to API.

EDIT: Also, the placeid you specify must be owned by you.


thanks so much, that’s exactly what i needed.

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just out of curiosity, are there any apis where you don’t need to own the game?!/Games/get_v1_games

You can get players and visits but you cannot get chart history

(Dont know how to get universe id? see How do I get UniverseId from PlaceId? (ROBLOX API) - #4 by SSSpencer413)

yeah i’ve used that before. so the only way to get the chart data is to use the first pair of links. my only question: how do apps like blade get their information?

The answer is simple: The daemon is running on the server and records the users every 10 minutes.
Then create a chart combined with past records.

so it uses games.roblox not the charts?

yes, it records users every 10 or 5 or something per minutes

thanks so much! you’ve really helped me out