Get model with assetdelivery


Hi I am trying to make a system that can verify script sources before it runs in the game with require which needs calls to{assetId}
to get rbxm file through my proxy, but my problem is I don’t know what AssetFormat and Roblox-AssetFormat is, I know they are used for header and I have tried to catch them with inspector in web browser, but they wouldn’t show up.

Any one knowing how to get those?
Is there alternative methods doing this without doing it manually with web browser?

I did once manage to get the file, but it was encrypted and unreadable.

I have tried look up the answer, but none topics answers my question.


Did you ever figure this out? I’m looking for this info as well

Yes I did, I had to load the asset directly with HttpService after using the api to get the url where the file was stored.

And since the file was binary, I used a module that could decrypt the file. The project is no longer maintained and has been taken down. I do however has the module that could do this, with some small fixes and changes to met my needs

When I use the api it gives an xml file instead of binary, I was wondering what AssetFormat needs to be set to get it as binary

You gets it as XML using HttpService directly or using a proxy?

The endpoint returns XML, the documentation says there’s a AssetFormat parameter for choosing which format it’s in, but I don’t know what you’re supposed to set it to get binary

It seems like whether it gives you the XML or binary format varies for each asset. Older assets give the XML format, while newer ones give the binary format. I wonder how to figure out which format it responded with besides checking the first few bytes

You could check if it has the xml tag on the top, to find out if it is xml or binary.