Get Recognized for Making Educational Games & Tutorials!

Every year, Roblox brings attention to people using our platform to educate and inspire others with our Featured Educator program. These individuals and organizations are recognized on our corporate website and receive a special badge of recognition and other benefits.

Do you do any of the following? We’d like to talk!

  • Create videos (YouTube, Vimeo, etc) that use Roblox educationally, such as teaching people how to use Roblox Studio.
  • Design Roblox games with an educational purpose, such as experiencing history or teaching a subject like math.

If you’re interested, you can learn more about our Featured Educator page.

Thank you again for all the amazing stuff that you create!



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This is a great idea, this hopefully means smaller YouTubers can get seen with there amazing tutorials! :slight_smile:


Looks like a great opportunity. I wish the best of luck to whoever wishes to apply.

What is this limited number, is it 5 applicants or 50?


As for the YouTuber part of it; what requirements would be needed in order to qualify?

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As someone who teaches through YouTube I’m having a tough time filling out this form. It really seems like it’s written with tutors in mind, not video producers.


I can’t put in N/A, so is 1 correct, with it just being the website? Or should it be 0?


Should this be a paragraph, or just 3 separate answers?

Either way, it’s cool to see spotlights being put on educators. They’re instrumental in teaching game development to the latest generation of players.

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I would imagine location would be 1, since that 1 location is your channel.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think YouTubers have the same guidelines as tutors. As long as their channel follows the Brand Guidelines and has been fully published since January 1st (12 days at the time of posting this), they should be eligible

Of course, Roblox will probably do background checks and other things to make sure you’re legit before fully letting someone into the program, and then you should either be accepted/denied. Good luck if you or anyone else if they are attempting to apply!

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I look forward to seeing what kind of educational games are out there this year on Roblox!
Always love a game which can teach you something from coding to engineering to math and science!

Very nice indeed, through this Roblox is getting more popularity, and people are getting some education, it’s a win win.

This would be a great way for kids at school or at home who would want to know the basics of Roblox or Roblox studio using games made by creators on the platform as a way to learn!

What Badge to they mean?
A badge on ur roblox profile? Or a badge like the one shown for a premium user?

This sounds great now we’re finally getting stuff like this.

Would this count if I’ve only made 4 videos on Studio?

Ok I have applied. How about a DevForum group for these people, like event orginisers?

This is really cool! There’s only 3 careers that you can really have on roblox, Being a youtuber, Developing games, And making items for UGC, so I like how tutorials can be a sorta new career.

The article about the Featured Educator application mentions that results would be announced in mid February 2021. It’s almost the end of February, does anyone know if the results have been announced yet? Looking forward to seeing :slight_smile: