Get rid of OBVIOUS edge of the map

Alright, I’m trying to make it where you are in a completely deserted forest, but it’s not working out the best here.

How do I get rid of the obvious edge of the map. I’m trying through lighting settings, but I don’t really know how to navigate it. Thanks for the help.

Try using the atmosphere instance or place something that can cover the edge. (mountains, etc.)

Heres an article about controlling the atmosphere instance for example.

That’s all I can really say.

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Use color correction to lower your view distance

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Hills, mountains, and other terrain can obscure the horizonline to make it appear complete. Another simple detail to make nature scenes feel realistic is to vary the size of trees so that they don’t all look like they are the same age.


Fog can blur the distance a Player can see so it can hide items like this.
FogStart and FogEnd can be set in Lighting, as well as the colour.

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I fixed the issue. My lighting settings were correct, but lighting doesn’t work that way. I added a sky mesh and made the size -30000,-30000,-30000. It looks like this now:

It’s very similar to atmosphere, although atmosphere doesn’t work when it’s night time which is the time of my lobby.

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