Get rid of the chat filter in the Talent Hub

I’d like to start this post by saying I’ve been patiently waiting for the Talent Hub for a long time now. It’s been the one thing me and my team were waiting for to start hiring people for commissions or spots again, and to be honest, it’s just as great as we were hoping it would be.

However, responding to applicants and trying to contact them further is currently impossible.

It makes no sense to force a chat filter in the Talent Hub. In the devforum, there is no chat filter on PMs. If the issue is users under 13 (which in my opinion shouldn’t have access to the Talent Hub to begin with), then allow us to filter between <13 and 13+, and for everyone’s sake, do not limit those who try to make a professional use of Roblox.

The current presence of a chat filter in the Talent Hub completely blocks me and my team from contacting any of the applicants for any of our job posts and is extremely limiting.
If Roblox would like developers to use the Talent Hub more and more as a professional environment where they can expect to discuss with talent and find people for their openings, the chat filter must be removed from it.


I always tell people to use the devforum or Discord so we dont have to deal with the terrible filter. I guess that’s going to have to continue.

The Talent Hub is a (mostly) professional environment used by people who are 13+. Why is there a filter.

ps roblox if you even think about adding a filter to the devforum i will leave.


Totally agree with this one. There’s no filter on the DevForum (and you can add one btw, I guess they didn’t want to) and having it on a very crucial website like the talent hub is only killing the reach it can truly have in terms of hiring people. This one is just a bummer now.


I definitely support this. Since the Talent Hub is meant to be a replacement for #collaboration (which didn’t have a chat filter), it should not be more difficult to communicate freely on the new platform when compared to the old one.


I agree with this because the Devforum has no chat filter and why should the Talent Hub have one either?
Maybe add a basic one to filter out slurs and stuff idk or do what the devforum does and just moderate the posts


they should remove it and make talent hub 13+


A chat filter in a place like Talent Hub seems unnecessary. The DevForum has been up for ~8 years which doesn’t have a filter or image moderation and it has remained a mostly civilized development forum.

The current chat filter has too many false positives to be implemented in a professional development platform.


I agree. I don’t see why the Talent Hub would need one, especially if Roblox is wanting developers to communicate within the Talent hub instead of 3rd party sites (although this is still allowed but you must establish communication in the Talent Hub before moving to Discord or other 3rd party sites)

If the reasoning behind the chat filter is because of <13’s, that is honestly quite stupid as most <13’s are not developers.

As others in this thread have stated, the DevForum does not have a filter and the Talent Hub is meant to be a replacement for the collaboration category, which makes the filter even more stupid because at this point I would rather just use the collaboration categories for work instead of the Talent Hub due to it being much easier to get people to just add me on Discord and I would also not need to worry about my post being unreadable because of parts of it being censored.


Doesn’t make a lot of sense to have a chat filter on it. I would think it’s reasonable if it’s blocking things such as profanity or sexual terms.


Yes but they only filter the 1 on 1 chat and not the actual posts that people will be looking at and this is both weird and bad.


They must be a DevForum member which means they must be 13+


They need the chat filter because on the official announcements page they announced that there will be some settings enabled for people under 13 so that they can have a secure (or tagged af) time on the Talent Hub.

Whatever, the Talent Hub should be strictly made 13+ and the chat filter MUST be removed. Are you underaged? Your headache, cry about it.


Hello all!

Thank you for providing feedback on Talent Hub, we really appreciate it. It’s this sort of feedback that helps ensure we can provide the best possible product to everyone.

Wanted to shed a bit of context first -

When we struck out to build Talent Hub, we wanted to explore how we could improve the Collaboration board in every possible way. This includes the obvious such as the ability to search and filter to find the right job, to mechanisms to help generate some initial trust between users. It also includes safety and moderation - something that is super important to Roblox.

This is why we have launched with a dedicated human moderation team that reviews everything, along with text filters in Application chat. We hope that these two mechanisms will keep everyone safe. Having said that, we’re also aware the text filters in their current form are a bit too restrictive for the kinds of conversation that are being had on Talent Hub.

Additionally, Talent Hub is fundamentally a matchmaking site - we help Job seekers find Job posters. It is not a collaboration platform; what I mean by this, is that once two people have decided to work together, the expectation is that they take their communication elsewhere.

For launch, our workaround has been to allow Discord usernames through the text filter, so that people can take it off-platform once they’ve decided to work together. You should find that in your applications today, you can talk more freely about Discord than you would normally be able to in a game chat.

Longer-term, we are pushing towards a text filter that is more customized and specific to Talent Hub’s context; one that blocks abuse, but allows people to freely talk business.

I hope that sheds some like on our approach, would be great to hear additional thoughts around:

  1. Do we need to be clearer around the fact that Discord is allowed, and does this start to solve the problem in your eyes?
  2. Specifically what messages or phrases are getting filtered that are blocking you?

Excited to talk about this further!


Many job posters and job seekers don’t have Discord (as the minimum age can be up to 16 in some countries) this means that the Talent Hub becomes a platform for job posters / seekers who have Discord, rather than a platform for all job posters / seekers.


In these cases what platform would you expect collaborators to use instead, in your experience? Of course, DevForum PMs are also a backup that would be totally allowed here as it’s still part of Roblox.


I, as many others would also probably agree, truly appreciate all the efforts the team behind the Talent Hub is doing for the betterment of the platform and collaboration as a whole.

However, the text filter as it is right now, specially if it is using Roblox’s chat filter known specifically for how restrictive it is, completely blocks the ability to communicate with applicants and those offering the jobs.

Would it be possible to implement the ability to disable the filter locally? There are way too many false positives at the moment and unfortunately, due to experience, I don’t believe it will improve much over the following months.

More specifically, mentioning Discord does not work right now. It gets censored every time I try mention it, plus phrases such as “Hey! Thank you for applying! Please send a fr to the following tag: Name#1234” do not work. Even mentioning specifically discord, e.g. “Hey! Please DM us through our discord tag.” does not work, instead tagging the entire sentence.

If these can be fixed, but the chat filter doesn’t become optional, I will probably have to entirely rely on Discord for communication, as right now the filter is way too restrictive.


Talent Hub is currently extremely underbaked and frustrating to use. So many web elements are either rushed or poorly thought out, such as being forced to click the Message chatbar in order to begin typing (for every single message you send, because it always loses focus of the text box once you send a message!), or there being multiple nested scrolling windows such as in the main jobs search page (I found myself accidentally scrolling down the main website and not the jobs listing frame on accident numerous times, which would result in stuff being cut off from your screen.

Information is spread out uncomfortably wide, and finding people of certain skills is very time consuming and actually worse than the devforum collab section!!! worse!!!

Here’s why:
The website design encourages people to slap on basically every single skill tag on themselves. It’s like, hmm, I did build one little model a few years ago, guess I should put on the “Builder” tag even though I am a scripter by trade! Oh yeah, I also use social media! So that means I should have the “Social media” tag! Also, I definitely do business! +“Business” tag. – This results in a situation where no matter what key word you specify in your search, you basically end up looking at like 50-80% of all users on the site.

If half of all people who have the “modeler” tag aren’t actually looking for modeling positions and just simply have that tag because they approached the tag system like a resume (which is perfectly reasonable), then you end up with a situation where it is impossible to narrow down your search.

Also, to name a few other key ways in which Talent Hub is a notable and massive downgrade to using the devforums, would be things like the above mentioned chat filter, not being able to embed pictures in the website, and limited character space in many of the fields which acts as a deterrent for the user to share any meaningful level of information about themselves, furthering the problem of profiles telling absolutely nothing about someone’s skill level until you go click off the website to a bunch of links of past works (which often involves having to boot up the Roblox client and hop into games, because pictures are so de-emphasized in the Talent Hub).


Maybe making the filter less aggressive and adding a report system (such as the one on the forum)


I believe emails are one way that collaborators communicate through if they don’t use Discord (however there is a problem with this and that’s that this is not moderated, due to emails being moderators).

An alternative are video calling platforms (such as Zoom).

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I would expect DevForum PM’s, as I can’t think of any other platform.

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