Get the CFrame of other player's orb/camera in Team Create

Hello, I’m trying to write a plugin on Roblox Studio that applies a Roblox Character onto a partner’s camera in Team Create.

However, as I was writing the script responsible for the plugin, I ran into a problem:
While you are able to physically see another player’s camera in Studio, it seemed that there was no real apparent way of implementing/defining it into a script.

Has anyone run into this problem before? I’ve only seen workarounds to this (i.e. making it so that the plugin only works on your own camera, or requiring all players to have the plugin)


Sounds very similar to Team Create with Hats - Roblox, which shows just the hat(s) of other players when they use Team Create. I’m not even if it works the way you are describing, but it may be worth a look.
The description says it’s available on github as well.