Get UI under the mouse with highest Z index

Hello there :wave:

I would like to know if there is any other possible ways to get the UI under the mouse of a player (I do NOT want to stick with events to do so)

GuiObject.InputBegan and GuiObject.InputEndedwhere inputObj.UserInputType == UserInputType.MouseMovement is a no
GuiObject.MouseEnter and GuiObject.MouseLeave is no as well

The goal is fairly simple:
Make a little window following the mouse, and showing when hovering certain buttons to provide an explanation.

I would love to not setup tons of events (to be more accurate: 2 per button) just to make that work as on the long run, it provides more lag (the more you have buttons of course, and I have quite a few)

Thank you in advance :pray:

Problem solved: BasePlayerGui | Roblox Creator Documentation

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