Get Universe Id From Place Id

Hey there! So I’m trying to get a Universe Id from a given Place Id. I’ve done alot of research but have still got nothing thats working, also I would preferably like to not have to create a proxy. If you know how I can achieve this then please let me know!

you NEED to use a proxy for this. There is no other way.

Also I would not recommend using the[PLACEID] endpoint as any endpoints are going to be sunseted soon. Meaning that those endpoints will be removed soon.

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Another API endpoint to retrieve a universeId(together with some other place information as well) is[PLACEID]. Although it requires authentication using a cookie/token unlike the solution given above.

For the record, if anyone wants the universe id of their own game you don’t need any HTTP requests, it’s stored in the variable game.GameId.


Ok, I actually am using a proxy so that shouldn’t be an issue, however, when I try to HttpService:JSONDecode() it gives me an error.