Get your game on the nice list - the Winter Sort!

Season’s Greetings, developers!

Last time, I asked if there was anything better than fall. Today, I’m coming to you with a new question: Is there anything better than winter? The cold breeze encouraging you to bundle up, snow covering the landscape in a picturesque scene, cozying up by a fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa and a really good book, sighing with the satisfaction of knowing that your game has the chance to be featured in a very special Winter Sort… :blush: :snowflake:

Indeed, we’re celebrating the incoming holiday season with an exclusive sort that will be live from December 17th until January 7th. The sort will be full of games that are festive, wintry, or otherwise embrace the spirit of the season!

Does your game fit that description? Fantastic!

Treat yourself to a gift by filling out the application here:

Applications close on December 13th.

If your game is accepted, it’ll be hand-delivered by a certain person on a certain magical sled pulled by certain magical reindeer to the Winter Sort on December 17th!

Thank you and happy holidays,
Developer Relations


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I would be absolutely excited, ecstatic about this update. Alas, I refuse to support, or even view, this new sort unless things are done differently from the Halloween sort.

You had developers like me who were very unknown and small, who made actual Halloween games. Unfortunately, the games that made it to the Halloween sort:

  • Were already on the front page

  • Had little to do with Halloween, if at all (putting a Toolbox jack-o-lantern in a lobby does not mean it’s a Halloween game!)

  • Were almost entirely unoriginal (and no, I don’t mean game ideas, but mostly I mean they used Toolbox assets)

These aren’t my only problems. I’ll give you two words:

Use Sponsors

We need this sponsoring problem fixed, especially since you guys came out with a new sponsor system


This probably doesn’t matter, and it probably won’t have sponsors, either. I refuse to support unless what I just said is false.


Sadly it doesn’t seem like it might snow (at least locally for me), so this is a great opportunity to enjoy it virtually (I guess that’s the theme this year, eh?).

Anyways, I have a suggestion: since the lifespan of the sort is merely 20 days, I believe it should be highlighted on the games page with a special frame or something (whitish, but friendly with the dark theme). This way, the games that have less than a month to appear there can get a bit more attention, after all, it’s only fair to do so.

Happy winter everyone!


That is so cool that we have a chance to make our games to the front page! As I have been making a Winter-themed game recently I will be filling out the application soon! This is amazing of Roblox to do this! Thank you.


Again great update! The issue is that I don’t like it being called the Winter sort as it isn’t staying up for the whole of the winter and anyways people in the Southern Hemisphere is in Summer. I’d rather you guys rename it to the Holiday sort.


The survey is for some reason not letting us submit, giving us this:

Everything works now!


Currently unable to apply. We tried to send our application but said we were ineligible. Is it broken?


Hey, that’s awesome, that can make small games get popular fast and more nice with a winter spirit to make its way through of front page :happy2:


It’s to be religiously neutral. They should have just called it the Holiday sort.


I’ll try out :smiley:!
Not sure what I’ll do, but I have some plans :smile:.
I’m going for originality and a winter theme, chances are that most games entered might be a hangout area, or a game like maybe a obby or tycoon, I’m gonna stay away from that, I wish everyone the best and I guess we’ll see who wins!
(Glad to see another developer event!)


They just fixed the application system if any of you guys are wondering, try out the application now! :slight_smile:


Hi there, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have resolved this, please try to resubmit now. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow i have to redo everything now, i just sent it right as it got fixed.

Are you sure it is fixed?


Pretty sure they resolved the low sponsoring ctr issue, read this.


This sounds great! I’m not currently working on any winter-themed projects right now, but if I was, I would totally submit it! :+1:


That is good news, however there is still the question if sponsors will be on this sort.


Check out the link I sent


The real issue here, is small developers might not be able to afford sponsoring.


My team is currently participating in the Holiday 2020 Game Jam, and while it likely won’t be completely finished by then, we should have a working early version that follows the theme. Can we send it in?