Get your total robux with roblox api

Hi, i made a node.js script to make request to get your total robux.

const axios = require("axios");
const cookieValue = "your account cookie"; //set your roblox account cookie
const robloxId = 0; //set your roblox account id

axios.get(`${robloxId}/transaction-totals?timeFrame=Month&transactionType=summary`, {
  headers: {
    Cookie: `.ROBLOSECURITY=${cookieValue}`,
}).then(response => {
  console.log(`You have ${ +} Robux`);

you need to install axios(make sure your cookie cannot be accessed by others)
you can improve the script it’s very basic but functional (normally)
you can add more features like sending to a webhook (with axios too, just a post request)


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Would’ve been better if you can put in three backticks, It supports JavaScript

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