GetCharacterAppearanceAsync 'Body Colors' is broken [incl. repro]

To obtain BodyColors for my players without loading their character I’ve used the following method:

local model = game.Players:GetCharacterAppearanceAsync(userid)
local bc = model['Body Colors']:clone()

This no longer works. It gives everyone ‘Cool yellow’ as skincolor no matter what color they use for their limbs.

Repro found here: BodycolorBroke.rbxl (16.7 KB)

How to use it:

  1. Run it
  2. Look at the ‘Body Colors’ object in workspace, it does not have same color as my character.
  3. If you doubt that’s how my character looks like, heres the link to my profile.

Have you tried :WaitForChild(“Body Colors”) - in case the object is still loading when you clone it?

The bodycolor object is there, it just has wrong values (which doesnt change later on).


I tried it with studio from before the update and it worked correctly, clicked your repro (which made studio update) and the exact same code suddenly behaves as you described above. Oddly enough it seems GetCharacterAppearanceInfoAsync() still works as intended.

Thanks for reporting this. We found the issue and we will fix it very soon. In the meanwhile, please use GetCharacterAppearanceInfoAsync() instead as a work-around.


I would like to tac on that this bug also occurs for the Scale Settings of the character, Like HeadScale and BodyWidthScale. They are all 1’s and 0’s, when I have my width scale set to .75.

I had the exact same problem and was about to post it, thanks for beating me to it! My body should be Bright orange but it’s loading in as Cool yellow, under all circumstances.

Additionally, I tried using the method posted by @FarazTheGreat, which yielded these.

I assumed these were BrickColor pallet codes, however, they did not yield the correct color either, am I doing this incorrectly, what enabled you to do it correctly? @PlaceRebuilder


BodyColorsObject.TorsoColor =
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Thanks, however, the new problem, I’ve ran into is the fact that this is returning only R6 values, when it’s reporting R15 = true. Thoughts? :thinking:

There is no difference in the BodyColors object for R6 or R15, you can’t have separate colors for lower left arm and upper left arm.

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Ignore my stupidity, it’s very late. Thank you.

This is still happening.

Any ETA on the fix?

Should be tomorrow if everything goes well.


This issue has now been fixed. Please let us know if you notice any further problems.

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