Avatar colors loading wrong color for left leg

This is what my character looks like in the avatar editor:

But this is what it looks like in game and in studio:

I’ve found that it is incorrectly taking the color of the left arm and using it on the left leg aswell.
My character in the editor:

My character in game/in studio:

I can confirm that this is happening to the BodyColors object

So the problem is somewhere in setup.
This problem probably started less than a week ago.


  • Set your left arm to a different color than your left leg using the advanced option in the avatar editor’s skin tone tab,
  • Join a game.

I can confirm this is happening in multiple games.


Possibly related;

I saw that and I don’t think so. That’s a bug with using another method to get all the body colors and what it gets is incorrect for every part, not just one copying another.

Yes, they are unrelated bugs.
For this particular one, we’ll have a fix by early next week. Apologies for the inconvenience.


All good. I found a workaround of just having my arm tinted a different color than I usually do so the leg will be the right color.

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I like your cyborg arm, looks cool.

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You could always just get some plain pants made that are the same color as the body colors you want to use, then you aren’t relying on the body colors to get your outfit right.

The thing is I change body colors a lot to match the season. Like right now I’m red and black.

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Could this possibly be related to this bug?

It doesn’t seem to be likely. That bug was reported in 2015, and is probably fixed by now. It is also a bug for the 2.0 package, not a general bug like this is reported to be.

I’ve always noticed that the 2.0 package had some strange colors on the hands sometimes, it’s nice to now know that that is why. It does sound similar and I wouldn’t be surprised if when this is fixed the 2.0 package’s hand would be fixed as well but @Extuls has a point in my problem being much newer, like, from the past week.

The hand bug still exists actually, I saw it happen just a few weeks ago.

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Just FYI, this should be resolved now.


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