GetClasses | Get every class for an Instance

“i thought of this name on the spot” - TimeFrenzied, thinking about releasing this module

GetClasses (GC | e.g. “oh no the gc got leaked”) is a module that will return all of the Classes/ClassNames that an Instance can have, or like, the same classes it would return true using IsA(), except it’s the name of the class. I hope(?) you understood that? If not, you’d probably have to look at the screenshots provided or use the module yourself.

Module Link:

:warning: This module was originally made for @OfficialPogCat and will only be useful in niche cases. It also may or may not be optimized and can/will lag spike if you use this on a large amount of objects (it’s looping through every classname existing on roblox) This post is uhm meant to be unprofessional so yeah

It’s made for you to change a bit yourself like if you need to add waits or something, so minimal scripting knowledge is required if you wanna do that.

Also shoutout to the dude who gave me this idea! I don’t mention him because he was last seen like a year ago haha.

But yeah, maybe make a game where you have to push (or drag guis) (or something else) an object of a certain class onto a button or something. I don’t know who would use or need this, but here it is.

Example Usage
local ObjectClasses = require(script.GetClasses)

local tableOfInstances = {"ModuleScript"),"ScreenGui"), 

local instanceClasses = ObjectClasses.getInstanceClasses(tableOfInstances)

Outputs To…

If you have suggestions or bugs let me know.

if you have two duplicate items, one of them will get a number at the end.

Known Bugs:
If you send in multiple of the same object in non-table form, upon converting it to a table the duplicates get deleted, so if you don’t submit tables as an argument, (why??) don’t use duplicate instances. I’m looking for a solution.