GetLatestAssetVersionAsync still doesn't work

This is a bug report from the archives, but bumping it there doesn’t help. I’m assuming that it’s not being read. If it is being read then this is a duplicate, so remove this (or move the topic from the archives to client bugs).

The issue: GetLatestAssetVersionAsync throws an error, stating that it is “disabled”.

Why is this an issue? Two reasons: the first is that this is in the API diffs for over half a year now, and it still doesn’t work. The second is that this function allows us to get the latest asset version, so we can use it via InsertService to create auto-updating models, which is a really elegant solution. The current solution is to use some external web service.

Old thread


It’s disabled, yes.

There were issues with it that were not resolved. Hopefully it will be fixed this summer!