GetMarkerReachedSignal not functioning, please help me ;-;

i want my magazine to me removed when the animation reaches a certain keyframe. Unfortunately, the event simply refuses to fire. I’ve looked everywhere, havent found a single helpful thread on this. I have found a sample r6 rig that shows how to connect the signal, and i do not see any way my code is different than the sample.

local OnRemove = ReloadTrack:GetMarkerReachedSignal("Remove")
local OnReplace = ReloadTrack:GetMarkerReachedSignal("Replace")

local function Remove(...)
	WeaponModel.ReloadCon.Part0 = ViewModel.LeftPalm

local function Replace(...)
	WeaponModel.Magazine:SetPrimaryPartCFrame(WeaponModel.Handle.CFrame * MagOffset)
	WeaponModel.ReloadCon.Part0 = WeaponModel.Handle



Could you also include a screenshot of the animation editor with your reload animation opened in it and make sure that animation events are visible? The setting to enable them is the furthest right on the keyframe timing window. Knowing if your test prints are running would also be helpful.


The test prints are not running.

Also: I see. I thought simply renaming the Keyframe would trigger that event. i will add events in and see what happens

Edit: Wow, that settings button is not in any way obvious or visible, that thing is tiny and blends in really well XD

In the animation you also need to set an Event key for the code to listen for it.

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I don’t want to revive the dead, but I found the reason my event was not running:
There was a whitespace in my event name. I named it “hit” and the actual event-name was "hit ".

I hope this will help someone in the future :blush:

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