:GetMouse() documentation does not mention that this API can be used for other devices

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It would definitely be super useful to clarify that the API for the mouse works in a similar fashion for other devices such as mobile phones, and consoles. The name of most things does not suggest that it does (the use of the word “mouse”), and it definitely cannot be inferred without a grain of salt. There are also subtilities about the API for the various devices, for example, console always has the X and Y in the middle of the screen, or is identical to a PC’s mouse when using the new Virtual Cursor. Also for mobile, the target and X and Y will remain the same until a new tap is registered. This will require further testing, correct me if any of my results are wrong.

I would like to add that generally documentation about input compatibility is abysmal, I feel like articles supplying developers with heads-ups and advice about this subject are a must. As a developer who is extensively handling input compatibility for the first time, I find myself lost.

Thank you.

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Yeah. I remember i always used another method of getmouse because i thought it was pc only, until i thought I WAS WRONG!!!

However, I also believe .hit.p and .mousebutton1click works in mobile too right?

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Yes, Button1Down, and various other events, and .Hit (although incosistent), and .Target, all work as well.

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Thanks for the report! We are looking into this!


Hey @starmaq! Thanks to your feedback, I wanted to close the loop here and let you know that Class.Mouse has been updated to include information on the mouse behavior on different devices (console and mobile).

Quick call out that, beyond the API reference content, we have some Camera and Input guides, which include articles regarding best practices and examples for input customization. Hopefully this can be a good starting point for developers looking to work on these features.

Thanks! Appreciate your help as always reporting these feedback items.

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