GetPartBoundsInRadius for Melee Hitboxes

Would using GetPartBoundsInRadius be better for melee hitboxes than raycasting? I’ve looked into many different solutions such as ClientCast or Raycast Hitbox, but they don’t seem like what i’m looking for.

There has been no updates on when spherecasting/shapecasting will be added, and using rays to make a sphere/cylinder seems less efficient than using spatial queries.

I am not sure which would also be easier on performance also.

For melee hitboxes, I usually just use the actual r6 or r15 body parts, or to make outlines of them, clone the parts and remove the mesh.

Raycasting would also be a good solution, but I don’t know about getpartboundsinradius since Ive not used it in a while and I dont know if roblox deprecated it