GetPlayerPlaceInstanceAsync doesn't return correct information

I know GetPlayerPlaceInstanceAsync has update issues.
It can take take minutes before a player is registered on a server.
What I want to report is the inconsistency of this function.

Lets say I have 1 friend in a server, he never leaves this server.

  1. I join my menu and use this function to find him.
  • It doesn’t work the first time, or second time, or third, but the 5th time it finds it.
  1. I rejoin the menu and use the function again
  • Now I still have to use it 5 or more times before it “finds” the server.

I’d be nice if this fuction was more accurate but if that’s not possible, then atleast give correct information back.
Player Offline isn’t correct error to give when you havn’t even checked him.

I’ve never had much luck with GetPlayerPlaceInstanceAsync, at least when I used it long ago. if you use this method, however, it returns useful information such as placeid, gameid (this is the server’s jobid / teleport id IIRC) for all your friends, and not just a single friend.

Unless that method is heavily throttled, it seems like a better approach - not to deny that GetPlayerPlaceInstanceAsync certainly should be consistent with what can be observed on the website.

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True that did work better!
Issue is when you try to follow someone you’re not a friend with; which is the case for all moderation actions.

EDIT: Meh! All of these functions are equally inaccurate. I’ll have to resort to database system.