GetProductInfo does not return Sales for UGC Limiteds

I attempted to call :GetProductInfo() on a UGC Limited and it displays Sales as 0. This works perfectly fine on normal items although interestingly enough… It displays how many are remaining. Sadly it does not display Available Quantity so I am still unable to figure this out manually.

How to replicate:

  • Create a LocalScript
  • Insert the Following Code and Test:
local MarketplaceService = game:GetService("MarketplaceService")
local ProductInfo = MarketplaceService:GetProductInfo(UGC_LIMITED_ID)

This might be difficult to replicate as I believe you need to be the Owner of the UGC Limited to gain access to this information

Expected behavior

When I use this on any other UGC Item I have uploaded, it returns the Amount of Sales.

I would expect the API to return this information aswell as perhaps the original Quantity Available.

I was able to make a temporary work around using AvatarEditorService but even that isn’t efficient as it only Displays the original Quantity Available.

local AvatarService = game:GetService("AvatarEditorService")
local Details = AvatarService:GetItemDetails(UGC_LIMITED_ID,Enum.AvatarItemType.Asset)
local TotalQuantity = Details["TotalQuantity"]

With this, I was able to take the Total Quantity and then subtract the Sales.

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This is intended. Roblox updated marketplace endpoints years ago to hide sales information for reasons related to creator revenue privacy. This was more immediately visible and discussed when extensions and such couldn’t query the sales information of game passes (and therefore find out the total revenue from game passes alone of an experience), but as it’s done on an endpoint level, this applies to any creator item that can be marked for sale on the Avatar Shop and marketplace.

This doesn’t really make sense? You can still gather asset sales using :GetProductInfo() for other assets that aren’t Limited? (As long as you’re the Creator)

Yes, that’s part of the deal. You can only query sales information for assets that you’ve created or ones that are created by the Roblox account, not from other users. The results of the endpoint are based on the authenticated user.

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Yeah, my issue is that I can’t see Sales from a UGC Limited that I have uploaded. In this case as I am the Authenticated User, I should be able to see it. Correct?

Hi @CrazyCorrs, we’ve fixed the issue and the Sales field should be correctly populated if the calling user is the creator of the asset.