GetProductInfo giving unrelated/incorrect information

I’m creating developer products and I’ve come across a problem when processing the receiptInfo. I’m using GetProductInfo and using the developer product Id with it to get information about the product but it’s giving me strange and unrelated results. Here’s my code:

local function processReceipt(receiptInfo)
   local player = game:GetService("Players"):GetPlayerByUserId(receiptInfo.PlayerId)
   if not player then
      return Enum.ProductPurchaseDecision.NotProcessedYet
   if player then
   	  local productInfo = marketplaceService:GetProductInfo(receiptInfo.ProductId)

When I print the products name it gives me things like:

Wolfie9k9’s Place Number: 1
meganisfin’s Place

It appears to be getting the info from games on roblox instead of the developer product. How do I fix this?

I’ve figured it out myself. Turns out there’s a second parameter that determines what type of asset you’re looking for.

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I’m using the correct type and everything correct yet it still is getting the wrong AssetID, but correct name, pretty weird.

I believe that this is a bug and should probably be reported. Your post is the only other mention of this particular issue I have seen, so I am going to write a bug report now.

EDIT: I think it was only my mistake, and it’s good I didn’t make a bug report. What is returned from enum:GetEnumItems() is just an array, the indices of which don’t neccessarily correlate with the Value of the enum item contained therein

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Which Enum.InfoType did you end up using for it to work properly?