:GetPropertyChangedSignal() not working

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i want to make it so i can play a skating animation when a player touches ice using the FloorMaterial property and detect when that changes using character.Humanoid:GetPropertyChangedSignal(“FloorMaterial”) to check when it changes to ice to change the animations and when its not ice then it goes back to normal.
2. What is the issue? Include screenshots / videos if possible!

these are working in studio but not working in the real roblox game
the getpropertychangedsignal function will not run at all when i touch the ice or grass

  • player added event
    • character added event
      • :GetPropertyChangedSignal(“FloorMaterial”) function
        • change animations

:GetPropertyChangedSignal("Material") Doesnt work?

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Can you show me the bare minimum of the actual code or any errors you might be getting in the output?

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Are you calling :GetPropertyChangedSignal("FloorMaterial") on the Character (Model) instance or the Humanoid instance? Only the Humanoid will work.

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there are no errors which is pretty weird its just not working

yes im calling this on the humanoid

yeah when i join the game and touch the grass it works 2 times but then anything after that it just doesnt detect but when im in studio it works fine