Getting 2 Almost-Identical Messages When Post Gets Removed

The Problem:

Recently, I got a post flagged on the Roblox DevForum, I have been here for a few months and know that you get a message when your post gets removed. HOWEVER, lately I have been getting 2-3 messages about it. Not from the community, but from The Developer Engagement Team, and the system bot. Both messages are pretty much the same, the Dev Team one is a bit more detailed though. I find this annoying because it blocks out a lot of other stuff (Comments from people who are not staff, Likes, and posts you are following up on).

Why This Feature/Bug Is So Annoying:

Say if i commented on 50 posts 1 time each and they all got flagged, instead of having 50 warning, I would have 100 Messages talking about my post getting flagged. Also, If you are a user who is well-known in the forum, it might block out all the other chats that matter a bit more. Even just having 2 warning after 1 flag can still be annoying.

Here is an example of the bug:

I got this post removed and this happened:

And Yet Another Message About The SAME Post:

I understand that one had a different title, but they both explained the same thing, “your post was removed by our community,”. Looks like Roblox Broke their own spam rule.

My Fix:

My fix would to be to ask the Developer engagement team members to stop messaging users about their post(s) being removed. The Reason We can’t get rid of the bot, is because it is a core component to the Forum. I would say this is the one thing Developer Engagement can’t really help with. They just have to stop Private Messaging people about flags. Let the Bot do what it is there to do, that is really all there is to it.

Thank you for reading, please fix. - Aidan Plays!!


This isn’t a bug at all. The @system one just tells you it was flagged. Staff don’t always agree with a community flag. The one from the DevEng member gives you details, like the specific rule, (instead of “spam”, Pirate said “we ask that you simply like the post”) and shows that your post was actually removed.


It does show the post and reason it was token off though. I have pictures to prove it.

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So if you get notified when someone flagged your post, does that mean someone flagged it for no reason?

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While I think that you cannot remove System’s message about having your post flagged (after all, the Devforum runs on the Discourse forum engine, it was not built from scratch), yes, I would also appreciate not being told 2 times about 1 flag.

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I flagged my own post and got 2 messages so I get what you mean, I guess you can either ignore it or use Archive.

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I wish they would just use the bot one. There really is no point in 2 messages about the same thing.

There is a point. The message by @system is completely automated. For instance one of my posts got removed by a staff member. It didn’t break any rules so I asked DevEngagementTeam why it was removed. It was due to housekeeping because the post i replied to was deleted so my reply lost context.

The actual reply by a staff member goes more in-depth as to why your post was removed. I think it is good that you get these messages because had I not received a message I wouldn’t have known if my non-rule-breaking content was removed. If you really can’t handle 1 extra message then I don’t know what to say to you. Just don’t make posts that are bound to be removed???


In the first sentence, please fix your typo. “Flagged” without the “l” can be considered a swear word.

Your solution is to ask the Developer Engagement team to be less engaging with the community?

Obvious typo.

This isn’t a bug at all and actually exists since over a few years. The message you got from DevRel is Feedback, one of the “punishments” (in this case I can’t call it a punishment). This is intentional and exists pretty long already. You can read the forum rules to find out what rule gets you those feedback messages, and which gives you another type of message. (The rules that give you feedback are listed as 0 strikes)

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