Getting a asset id from a marketplace id

So I got a problem which the skin id is a decal and most of the player get a id from the website which isnt correct because the asset id is incorrect. So I dont want the player to just get in a Roblox studio and copy id because it is so long. Also, I used local script too!

Real id (asset id):
Toolbox id (marketplace id):

Please help!

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I think this post could help you

Roblox (
It doesnt work ;-;

I don’t really understand what you’re trying to do. Could you provide more information? Perhaps show part of the code.

My goal is to get a Image Id of a Decal Id. If you were trying to do a script which is a
Texture = “rbxassetid://”…marketplaceasset
It will not appear because it is not a ImageId

local assetId = "rbxthumb://type=Asset&w=768&h=432&id="..MarketplaceId
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Whats the difference between the rbxassetid?

It’s the Roblox thumbnail endpoint, which acts as quick way to load images using their marketplace id.

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Alright! I’ll try out in studio!

Also the w and h parameters can accept more values for lower resolution images(150x150, 294x144, 420x420, 768x432).

Roblox - Gyazo

Also, will it work if i put the exact image id?

Do you mean the asset id or the url?

When you right click on the toolbox and copy to clipboard!

You could also just get a decal, add the image ID, then click enter, and use that URL, it’s much easier LOL!