Getting a group shout through the Roblox API

Im trying to make something that constantly shows a group current shout, i know that i need the Roblox API to do that but how do i do it or get it from a roblox script?

You need to use this API to retrieve it but in order to get it from Roblox Http service you need to have a server that can send Http requests to the API I mentioned above and also the Http Service in game can connect to since Roblox doesn’t allow Http service to send Http requests to it’s own APIs for some reason.

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Where would i get that “server” ?

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You host it yourself, preferably.

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I still dont understand, what do i need to host? and what is a server? do i need to create a website just to send a request?

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Web hosting is where it gets complicated.
You can use sites like 000webhost or some other free web host site that lets file uploading work.
I looked around and found this github which has all the files for a proxy

The index.php file has something saying url = “” you will need to change to “”, but once all files are uploaded to a site you should be able to use Buy Web Hosting | Powerful & Fast Hosting - to access the data you need.
I hope this can help


Okay i created a website in it and uploaded the proxy file, now what do i do with HttpService?

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easiest you can do is game:GetService(“HttpService”):GetAsync(“”)
thatll return JSON, and to make it turn into a table do game:GetService(“HttpService”):JSONDecode(data)


Should i worry that my website has a 500 HTTP error when i open it?

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Probably means something went wrong, did you also replace the .htaccess with the one in the github?

Well yeah but i dont know where to place that CSS file