Getting a largeish spaceship to move properly with players on board

I’ve tried bodyvelocity along with bodygyro, but its insanely jittery with the bodygyro.

Moving the assembly with CFrame just makes every player on board slowly slide.

I’ve tried locking the orientation with this code and then using bodyvelocity, which has been the most successful,

	script.Parent.CFrame =

but it only works at low speeds before it freaks out. The bodyvelocity has 100000000376832 force in every axis.

You could try implementing this with manual cframing to make this work, although you might have to adjust the script a bit.


Yeah, I see what’s being done. I wanted to avoid this since there are many different situations the player could be in other then on the spaceship, but I see how I could get it to work. Thanks for bringing that thread up.