Getting a rotation of a part goes wrong

I am trying to lerp 2 rotations to create a smooth turn, however the two values are different for some reason. Let me show you:

I made 2 values in a table store 2 CFrames:

EnemyData.OldCFrame = EnemyData.CFrame
EnemyData.CFrame = GetNode(EnemyData.Node, EnemyData.Path).CFrame:ToWorldSpace(, 0, (EnemyData.CFrame.Position - (GetNode(EnemyData.Node, EnemyData.Path).Position)).Magnitude - (EnemyData.Speed * OverallDeltaTime))) * CFrameAngles(EnemyData)

The CFrameAngles function being this:

local function CFrameAngles(EnemyData)	
	return CFrame.fromOrientation( - 1, EnemyData.Path, true).Position, GetNode(EnemyData.Node, EnemyData.Path).Position):ToOrientation(),
		select(2, - 1, EnemyData.Path, true).Position, GetNode(EnemyData.Node, EnemyData.Path).Position):ToOrientation()),
		select(3, - 1, EnemyData.Path, true).Position, GetNode(EnemyData.Node, EnemyData.Path).Position):ToOrientation())

However, when referencing them again, using this code, this is the ouput:

  Lerp(EnemyData.OldCFrame:ToOrientation(), EnemyData.CFrame:ToOrientation(), EnemyData.DeltaTimeAdded / EnemyData.OverallDeltaTime),
  Lerp(select(2, EnemyData.OldCFrame:ToOrientation()), select(2, EnemyData.CFrame:ToOrientation()), EnemyData.DeltaTimeAdded / EnemyData.OverallDeltaTime),
  Lerp(select(3, EnemyData.OldCFrame:ToOrientation()), select(3, EnemyData.CFrame:ToOrientation()), EnemyData.DeltaTimeAdded / EnemyData.OverallDeltaTime))

However, this does not give me the desired result, making the part face the wrong way

(Its supposed to look uphill)

Now I know that it would look in the correct direction if the y was the right angle, which is what I need to figure out how to do.

However, if i make a part look in the direction using this code, it works:

workspace.Part.CFrame = * CFrameAngles(EnemyData)

The basic part being it.

However, I Cannot do this due to the node changing lots, so I was just wondering if this is an issue I need to realise.

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