Getting a warning disconnects all your team create sessions

If you receive a moderation warning on your account (for uploading a sound, decal, etc) it will close all of your team create sessions and they will present you with the following error. An account should not be banned from using studio unless it actually receives a ban, as developers receive incorrect warnings all the time. There’s even a dedicated forum category for it.



It’s always a good idea to never use your primary account to upload things that go through moderation. You could have just as easily been mistakenly given more than a warning.


This is a good rule that I’ll start following from now on

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I confirm that this bug is occurring me too, for me, it starts as a warning: Unable to fetch data.

And every recent/achieved/new/my games place will not appear in there, if you are lucky, you will be able to open the My Games tab to open a place. If you try to join, this error will appear (How i see this error) But sometimes i can open the place :+1:

When your account is in this state, all requests to Roblox start returning redirects to the warning page, which is how this page is triggered while browsing Roblox in a web browser as well. This would need to be changed on the web side, as Studio is at the mercy of whatever the backend returns when we call endpoints, so I would recommend moving this to #platform-feedback:website-features.

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